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In a recent blog, Google made an announcement, that with the use of Rich Snippets, web pages with a reference to a particular place, are more likely to get displayed in the search results, when a user makes a search query on that specific location.

Google says, “The Internet is teeming with useful information about local places and points of interest, and we do our best to deliver relevant search results that help shed light on locations all across the globe.”

The Rich Snippets help Google users to find those web pages that may be referencing to a specific place or location. Hence, by using structured HTML formats such as hCard, to markup an organization or business described on a page, websites can assist Google to properly classify a site, recognize and understand that its content is about a definite place, and thus making it available to users on Place pages.

Google points that, a search result snippet with more information helps users to decide whether a page is relevant to their search or not. Further it says, by using rich snippets, sites such as review sites or business listings, that contain structured content can label their content aptly. This will make it distinctly clear that, each labeled piece of text represents a certain type of data.

However, by providing this information, there is no impact on the representation of the content on the web pages, but it certainly helps Google to understand and present information from a web page in a better way. Right now, Google only supports the following information types – people profiles, reviews, business listings, and events.

“Though this markup does not guarantee that your site will be shown in search results, we’re excited to expand support for making the web better organized around real world places” said Google.

Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal is the founder and CEO of PageTraffic, an SEO Agency in India with offices in Chicago, Mumbai and London. A leading search strategist, Navneet helps clients maintain an edge in search engines and the online media. Navneet's expertise has established PageTraffic as one of the most awarded and successful search marketing agencies.
Navneet Kaushal
Navneet Kaushal
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