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Looking for an easy and quick way to listen to your favorite artist or band? Google has updated the mobile search feature for musical artists, groups and bands with direct links to music apps. Now, when users search for a particular musician or band, they will be able to play the music in any app of their choice by just clicking on a link in the search results. The new feature is only available on android devices in the U.S.

Whenever you are searching for an artist or band, you usually want to play their songs right then and there. If you are discussing among friends about a budding artist or you are craving to listen to ‘The Beatles’ and don’t have the song at the moment, a simple Google search now will not only display information, images and news about the artist, but will also play music in one of your installed apps.

Search for Music and Ask Google to Play it on Your Android App. It Will.

The new feature will be compatible with Rdio, iHeart Radio, Spotify, Google Play, TuneIn Radio and YouTube if already installed on your device. The compatibility with these apps may vary by the artist requested. For TuneIn Radio, it opens a list of radio stations playing the music by the artist searched for.

Search for Music and Ask Google to Play it on Your Android App. It Will.

Features like these make Google Search a great experience on Android devices. Android users have always been able to search for something and open it in an installed app since December 2013. For example, searching for a movie on Google directly opens the result in your IMDB app.

Google said they are working to expand this feature to users worldwide, and integrate local music services like Deezer. So if you are in the U.S. and are using an android device, go ahead and give it a try and listen to your favorite song glitch free.

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