Apr 11, 2006 113 reads by Candid SEO

According to a new joint study report by iProspect and Jupiter Research, 62 percent of search users click on the links displayed in the first page. If the results are unsatisfactory, then they either revise the querie or change the search engine altogether. As per the findings in 2004 the related figure was 60%.

The study also reveals that 90% of searchers are sure to click on a link within the first three pages. Even this figure has gone up from 87% two years ago. 16% either revised the query or changed search engines after exploring a first few queries, 25% after the first page, 27% after first two pages and 20% at the end of three pages. Just a mere 12% stuck with the search term and the engine after the intitial three pages. 

To me that sounds more like bad news. For searchers it is smart to change the query or the engine but the rate at which they change them might just prove to be more frustrating. Anyway, this is a trend that is more likey to continue. So search engines need as much to preach ideal search strategies as improve the quality of results.

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