Oct 4, 2014 114 reads by Ritu Sharma

The search engine marketing organization SEMPO is inviting search engine marketers to participate in proposed "Search Congress" to create and enforce search engine marketing code of ethics for North America. An organizational meeting will be held during Pubcon Las Vegas in the upcoming week to discuss the proposed initiative.

According to the announcement, the Search Congress delegates proposed for creation of code of ethics must be nominated by a search engine marketing organization. They must meet the following criteria:

  • Groups that are at least one year old
  • Groups with at least ten dues-paying members
  • Groups with self-identity and are serving search engine marketers in some way
  • Active SEMPO local groups formed more than an year ago
  • Groups primarily in North America
  • Groups with pre-existing by-laws

Tony Wright, SEMPO's vice president said, "A search engine marketing code of ethics won’t work unless it has broad adoption from a variety of groups in the industry".

To get more details on the location and time of the meeting, do follow @SEMPOGlobal and @Pubcon .

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