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You know how choosing the right keyword will help you up on the search engine ladder. But finding a high traffic low competition keyword is not an easy task. Moreover, the effort is double, if you have to work on different keywords. But you can make a good search engine placement by making a single effort for multiple keywords and not just one keyword. Read on to know how.

The magic term that will let you do the task stated above is – 'keyword mashing'.

What Is Keyword Mashing?

Keyword mashing means that you will now target more than one keyword phrase in web content writing. Now, what does this mean? Well, lets understand the same with an example. If you have a healthy living website, and your keyword research has come up with the keyword- 'how to lose weight'. Now you start using it to optimise your site. However, you have another equally good keyword in hand, that too has great potential- this one may be- 'lose weight without dieting'.

With keyword mashing at your side, you don't have to choose between the two keywords, in fact, you can add both these phrases together into a single longer phrase. So what do we have in this case-
'how to lose weight quickly without dieting' – now this becomes your primary keyword phrase.

With time, you will build links and get traffic for the same, and then you will notice that from this long phrase, you have started ranking for shorter, more competitive phrase.

How Does Keyword Mashing Work?

Carrying on with the phrase- how to lose weight quickly without dieting. In this case, you may find yourself higher in placement for 'how to lose weight quickly' and eventually also start ranking for 'lose weight without dieting' or 'lose weight quickly' and so on.

So, it is understood that as soon as you will start ranking for an extra phrase, you will  we see more traffic for your website.

This technique will give you multiple results for the hard work done on a single keyword. Keyword mashing lets you see your traffic growing from the beginning as the site starts to rank for each search phrase.

Simple, isn't it? You will find that your keyword phrase not only has an exact-match domain, but the shorter phrases also stand a good chance of getting better search engine placements. This will ultimately result in higher traffic as a result of multiple search engine placements.

More importantly, the traffic you will be getting will be natural links. This will be a good thing in the eyes of Google and other search engines, as they do not prefer poor or irrelevant site's links.

You can now work on building links by breaking up the long phrase- 'how to lose weight quickly'- 'lose weight without dieting' etc. This diversity of link text makes the linking appear natural to the search engines. The end result- higher search engine placement and rankings for multiple keywords.

How Is It Different From Long tail?

Long tail SEO aims at taking lower-volume and higher-converting keywords and making them work together for a major impact. It works towards getting highly relevant traffic that converts.

Keyword mashing is different from long tail in the sense that – with detailed content like an article or a blog which is long enough, will incorporate enough links, and will lead automatically to long-tail traffic. However it is possible that each search phrase may not send heavy traffic individually. So, it is all like experimenting. You do not know which of the many links, will work better, or send more traffic. That is why many experts refer to long tail traffic as accidental.

Now with keyword mashing technique, you deliberately choose the high traffic keyword phrases. You know that they have the potential to drive huge traffic to the site. So, you stand to get ranked for both or all the keywords phrases that are in your chosen keyword phrase.

For Whom Can Keyword Mashing Work?

Well, it will be extremely useful, if you are just starting to work for site, however, on an existing site too, you can use this technique. All you have to do here is target a long keyword phrase, and then a shorter phrase. With keyword mashing, you are aiming to work on two or more reasonably high-traffic keyword phrases. These phrases must have the potential to create a significant increase in traffic.

To Conclude: This technique will lead to rapid betterment in search engine placement and organic traffic, provided you work on the mashed phrase well enough.

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