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Igniting Viral Campaigns: In a world dominated by behemoths like, MySpace, and YouTube, how do mid-sized and smaller companies break through to generate online destinations that create buzz, encourage word of mouth and establish relationships with potential buyers. This session unveils the secrets of Web 2.0 techniques and technologies that enable companies to standout and be talked about.

Moderator: Rebecca Lieb, Vice President & Editor-In-Chief, The ClickZ Network

Speakers: Bill Hanekamp, CEO, The Well, Ed Kim, Chief Executive Officer, Red Bricks Media, Fionn Downhill, CEO & President, Elixir Systems.

Rebecca opened up the session with a statement: talking about can you build the next chicken! Well, she was pointing to the subservient chicken of Burger King from last year and how they were able to perk up their sales. The case alluded to the contents of this particular session.

Bill Hanekamp, CEO of The Well, was the first to take to the dais,

He started off with food for thought for the audience, he asked them to consider, that after you've done all the things to optimize your page, what works the best for Google? What works are the relevant results. So the next, question that arises is, whether you've chosen appropriate keywords that match the content you deliver. Further, if a visitor lands up on your site would they be interested, and would the refer you site to others?


He classified "the content," into two categories. The first, is what you write, and second is the user generated content. He explained that the content generated by the user is:

  • Engagement – such as the miller and their manlaws site.
  • Referrals and links to third party sites such as YouTube, dig, etc.

He further, mentioned features of a content that can help to create a buzz. They are:

  • How entertaining your content is?
  • It needs to be relevant – so that a visitor isn't disappointed and the message gets to the right one.
  • Timeliness is important.
  • And off course the uniqueness or how exclusive it is?

He cited the example of Nirvana by Dove in terms of relevancy and its ability to engage the user.

Bill ended with a question for the audience to ponder about, With all your content does anyone care?

The next one to take up the podium was Ed Kim, Chief Executive Officer, Red Bricks Media. At the very outset he emphasized the need for researching who the users are gonna be before writing content for them.


He suggested a systematic approach towards achieving this end:

First, you need to identify and profile the users, who would serve as the buzz agents. Secondly, the media and the tools to be use based on your target audience's profiles. And finally the content that'll work would be the one that they find intriguing, and consider as "buzzworthy."

He was quick to point out the high value of third party recommendations. The consumers are sure to direct to their communities when they search for guidance. All in all it's important to identify and influence those who would influence others.

Ed also spoke about the "Buttons of Buzz," he said there were eight in all, four of them are: 'The remarkable,' 'The outrageous,' 'The hilarious,' 'Of Value.'

The last one to speak was, Fionn Downhill, CEO & President, Elixir Systems. She spoke about the ways in which small sized and medium sized businesses can cash in on the strategies of viral marketing economically.


She spoke about the tools which can be used to achieve that. Some free tools she spoke about were:

  • RSS feeds, wherein you could have news pages or other interesting content that gets updated frequently.
  • Writing Articles
  • White Papers
  • You can add links to social bookmarks
  • You can also add "email this page to a friend" to your pages
  • It's worthwhile to make use of Social media groups and networking
  • Then you can find the influencers to influence.
  • And once you've prepare your strategy, test your campaign

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Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal

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Navneet Kaushal
Navneet Kaushal
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