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Yesterday we posted the highlights of SES New York day 1. Today we are back again with the exclusive highlights of SES New York day 2.

Keynote Conversation With Steve Berkowitz
Steve Berkowitz is the product manager at Microsoft. He emphasize on the fact that Microsoft works with a dedicated customer focused attitude. Their innovative products are designed after carefully reviewing the user needs. When Danny inquired about the double branding of MSN and Live.com, Steve answered that Microsoft is trying to extend that affiliation. The focus of Microsoft at the current moment is improving their products and services. Microsoft plans to integrate more social content in Live in the near future. As usual Danny closes the interview with the word association game.

Google – Amazing
Yahoo – Working hard
AOL – Trying to hold its own
Ask – I love it.
Microsoft – Potential
Steve Berkowitz – Having fun

This was actually the perfect end.

Web Analytics & Measuring Success

Moderator: Allan Dick, General Manager, Vintage Tub & Bath
Laura Thieme, President and Founder, Bizresearch
Stacy Williams, Managing Partner, Prominent Placement, Inc.

Laura informs that web analytics is all about providing value to search marketing campaigns. It helps in establishing where the search is delivering sales and profit or loss. Tracking return on ad spent (ROAS) gives marketers more knowledge than visibility and traffic reports. Laura suggested against the favor of making use of search engine APIs. They often pose a limit to the number of queries one can make per day. Web analytics allows one to influence the clients thinking. Next, Stacy on the web analytics measure. She laid emphasis on what should one measure and why should one measure. KPIs (key performance indicators) are different for B2B vs B2C and they can change over a period of time.

Landing Page Testing & Tuning

Moderator: Allan Dick, General Manager, Vintage Tub & Bath
Scott Miller, CEO, Vertster
Tim Ash, President, Site Tuners
Jamie Roche, President and CEO, Offermatica
Tom Leung, Product Manager, Google Website Optimizer

The first to speak is Tim Ash. He talks first on conversion tuning. The three online marketing activities are acquisition, conversion and retention. Getting costs down on the website is important. Landing pages should lead to trackable actions. Apart from tuning the price of the product and service one can also tune the site. Two of the ways to tune are A-B testing, multivariable testing. A-B testing permits the testing of single variable at one moment. Next Tom Leung from Google talks about common pitfalls and testing concerns. He also informs that the javascript tags does not harm a site in the search engines.

Robots.txt Summit

Moderator: Danny Sullivan, Conference Chair, Search Engine Strategies New York
Keith Hogan, Director of Program Management, Search Technology, Ask.com
Sean Suchter, Director of Yahoo! Search Technology, Yahoo! Search
Dan Crow, Product Manager, Google, Inc.
Eytan Seidman, Senior Program Manager Lead, Live Search

Robots.txt is a file that permits site owners to bar content from being spidered. The site owners are not much aware about its usability. Keith Hogan informs that fewer than 35 percent of servers have a robots.txt file. The new sitemaps directive which was announced during SES is already making waves.  The new sitemaps directive will expand robots.txt to include a pointer pointing to the Sitemap file, which would remove the need to submit it to the search engines at large. Next Dan Crow defines the Robots Exclusion Protocol as robots.txt + robots Meta tags.      

Meet The Search Ad Networks

Moderator: Rebecca Lieb, Editor-in-Chief, The ClickZ Network
Brian Schmidt, Manager, National Agency Team, Online Sales & Operations , Google, Inc
Doug Stotland, Director, Microsoft adCenter
Stewart Easterby, VP of Sales Operations, Yahoo! Search Marketing
James Speer, VP Search Marketing, IAC Advertising Solutions, Ask.com
John Kannapell, VP Search & Directional Media, AOL

This sessions highlighted upon the future of online advertising. The experts from big shot advertising companies were present to highlight upon the current trend as well as the their service. John Kannapell informed that in second quarter of this year Ask is introducing referrer blocking to the ASL console to enable advertisers to decide upon where they want their ads to be displayed. Similarly the other experts also talked about their ad serving platforms.

SEO Through Blogs & Feeds

Moderator: Andrew Goodman, Principal, Page Zero Media
Stephan Spencer, Founder and President, Netconcepts, LLC
Rick Klau, Vice President of Publisher Services, FeedBurner
Sally Falkow, President, Expansion Plus Inc.
Greg Jarboe, President and Co-Founder, SEO-PR

Blogging actually is a current hot topic and when it is clubbed with SEO it gets even better. Stephen Spencer talks about optimizing the blog which includes internal linking, title and heading tags, posts, URLs and author profile page. Rick Klau informs that search engines are increasingly consuming feeds.  Rick also says that RSS become more customizable Yahoo! Pipes. Sally Falkow gives a case study where she informs that a client of hers makes use of RSS feeds for news makes Google think that it is a blog.

Know more about the agendas of day 3 and day 4.
We will soon post the highlights of day 3. Do come back soon for more.

Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal

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Navneet Kaushal
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