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Our love for SEO and changing trends doesn’t end up in the shape of our daily blogs. We have a nose for what’s new in the market and what’s happening where. So, here we are again at the SES New York 2013, giving you live updates and sharing everyday activities with you. 

SES New York 2013 Day 1 Complete Coverage #sesny

The Day One of SES New York was full of valuable insights on Search, Content Marketing, and Social Media. Let's take a quick sneak peat into the sessions & discussions held.

Session 1:

Content Marketing: How to Earn Visibility & Links through Killer Content Strategy


  • Anna Lee, Conference Producer, SES Conference & Expo


  • Laura Lippay, CEO, SEO Gadget US
  • Shari Thurow, Founder & SEO Director, Omni Marketing Interactive

After a rousing keynote on how you can maximize ROI, leads, and more with Facebook & Twitter, here are the tips to earn visibility and links through the killer content strategy.

Is link earning the new link building? Laura Lippay and Shari Thurow talk about the ways to create amazing content, boost visibility, come on front of target audience, and share links naturally.

Laura still hates the term "link building" because she works for some big brands & can't put their reputation at stake with spammy links. She needs natural links and talks about how she manages to get them.

Laura thinks that Google spanking sites for poor quality links after Panda and Penguin updates is totally our fault. And since then, SEO companies have started calling themselves Content Marketers.

While link building is manipulation, content marketing is marketing. 

Marketing is all about having a target audience with certain needs and wants. And you as a marketer provide them something that meets their requirements. It is all about getting in front of people at the right time and with the right message. Social, search, display, and more are your tools. Do not misunderstand content marketing is all about ads, it is marketing with content. Content could be anything, may be a video, article, tool, download, or even infographic.

She shared nine tips for successful content marketing:

  • Know your target and goals
  • Know where they are online
  • Craft ideas
  • Get creative
  • Pre-promote
  • Collaborate with publishers
  • Publish
  • Post-promote
  • Follow up with citations

Thurow explained the characteristics of a killer content and why a brand should start linking on its own website. She revealed that content must contain words and phrases that are usually typed by users/searchers in their search queries. This is not only easy to guess but really works.

Having a usable site is really important. The information should be easy to find not only from SERPs point of view but when a visitor arrive at the website.

"Findable content is the key – you can't use what you can't find".

Hardware and software used for serving web content might be back-end but impact how users interact with the content of the website.

Thurow referred to Matt Cutts' statement about how link is the key and authorship will become more important. She laid more emphasis on getting quality links over paid ones.

At last, she said, "Don't make crappy content and expect miracles".

SES New York 2013 Day 1 Complete Coverage #sesny

Image source: Brafton

Off to the next session:

Maximizing Twitter and Facebook Ads for Lead Gen, Engagement & ROI


  • Miranda Miller, Content Marketing Manager, TopRank Online Marketing


  • Tal Baron, Client Services, Social Lead, DataXu
  • Jennifer Wong, Marketing Manager, HasOffers

Brands are hunting for better ways of reaching out to more than 1 billion Facebook users & over 200 million Twitter users. The session discussed tactics that will enable businesses to get the most out of their spending on Twitter and Facebook Ads for lead generation & customer acquisition.

Actionable tactics such as the planning process to ensure a successful output: defining goals and KPIs, content and offer alignment, seamless user flow that leads to the end goal and ensuring sales is attributed to the social media efforts.

Twitter has recently launched the new advertising API that allows marketers to work with Ads API Partners. The ad revenue of Twitter is expected to cross $800 million by 2014. Facebook on the other hand has doubled its mobile ad revenue in the last quarter of 2012. 

Tal Baron and Jennifer Wong took attendees on a deep dive to Facebook & Twitter. Baron, a Client Services Social Lead at DataXu believes that wealth of data available to Facebook marketers will enhance ROI and social content. He quoted, "The insights provided by Facebook can be of great help for marketers as they can leverage both in and out of the Facebook environment. To provide rich data about fans and post engagement in 2012, page insights were really enhanced ". 

Wong on the other hand said, "Social advertising is becoming a predictable marketing tactic that you can add to your marketing program. All you need is a smart approach and ability to measure your success”. She thinks that Twitter ads can be used for awareness, branding, customer acquisition, and demand generation.

Marketers need to focus on:

  • News feeds for different activities as they will create additional and more targeted inventory for advertisers. Facebook has recently provided a way to target sub domains such as profile page, photo page, and homepage of a website through FBX.
  • Go for larger photos for the post and visually appealing ads.
  • Try to create a consistent experience between mobiles & desktops. As a large number of people are accessing social networking sites on phones and tablets, a consistent experience across the screens is a must.

Baron thinks that direct response campaigns are the most common place for utilizing FBX.

Wong suggested that by adding a layer of paid advertising to organic social media marketing strategy, you can reach goals faster. 

Next Session

Building the B2B Social Media Machine


  • Adriel Sanchez, Senior Director, Demand Generation, SAP
  • Jasmine Sandler, CEO, Agent-cy

Lack of a cohesive strategy, governance, processes, and tools can even lead well-intentioned marketers cause more harm than good. The session was all about content marketing, defining objectives, measuring success, and more.

Social media marketing has become an essential operation for B2B brands. Addressing this crucial ROI generating tool, Jasmine Sandler and Adriel Sanchez spoke about how organizations should use social media to distribute and publish branded content.

Sandler talked about the value of content strategy in social media marketing and how Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter have become the ideal platforms to influence customers on a one-on-one level. 

Sandler pointed out that a number of B2B firms she has worked with don't think about B2B social and customer service. She suggested that firms should talk to support teams, understand how they take calls, and how the issues can be resolved through social media. This will help firms in gaining a competitive market share.

She further emphasized on offering diverse content; from infographics to videos and general articles. Sandler concluded with the statement, "No B2B company can survive without a content marketing plan".

Sanchen further supported the notion of content for the purpose of social media marketing. He noted that you should hire a content person and not a social media person because it is the writer who can create compelling content. 

Listening to social chatter too is important according to Sanchen. Working with an agency that handles content creation and social media marketing is always better as it will be directly responding to audiences. 

Both the speakers highlighted on how essential custom content is for a B2B social marketing. If an organization wants to build a powerful marketing machine, it is important to set the right benchmark and use the right media to measure & capitalize on social chatter.

SES New York 2013 Day 1 Complete Coverage #sesny

Image courtesy: TopRank

Switching to the Next Discussion

Mobile Marketing: Connecting with Your Audience on the Move


  • Dana Todd, SVP Global Marketing, Performics

Panel Speakers:

  • Michael Bayle, Senior VP and General Manager, ESPN Mobile
  • Eric Litman, Chairman & CEO, Medialets
  • Brendon Kraham, Head of Global Mobile Sales and Product Strategy, Google

The afternoon session was a high-level mobile marketing discussion featuring industry experts. So, here is the collection of mobile marketing tips given by the panel.

For years, we have been hearing that this is going to be the year of the mobile – but have we reached there yet? With so many mobile channels and marketing opportunities available to companies, it has become even more challenging for them to obtain optimal benefits from the strategies.

While Dana Todd posed the question, "what is the biggest challenge and opportunity in mobile", Brendon shared some amazing numbers with the attendees. He said ESPN is about to have more than 60 million users every month and 35 million of those on mobile. The ESPN partners who have till date succeeded on print and broadcast will have more opportunity to have presence in mobile and digital world. The challenge in front of ESPN would be the way they measure, which will be overcome eventually.

Michael believes that marketers who do it early, test, and frame a strategy will win. 

Brendon said that you can measure the success rate of a marketing campaign run to effectively distribute a download but the case isn't same for videos. The distributed video will look different on different screens, hence it success rate would be undetermined. It is a bad idea to drive people to mobile, if you are getting interactions in ad.

For Eric Litman, reach and frequency are the fundamentals. We have to understand and accept the fact that audiences are moving to mobile way faster than brands are able to approach them.

According to Brendon, there are three types of concerns over mobile:

  • Building interactive formats
  • Application download
  • The unique and different attribution model for mobile

Michael thinks that agencies and companies do not have talent to work more effectively. Even Dana said that mobile is unique. It is very different and needs a specific technical set. 

Answering on the question raised by Dana at the end of the session about HTML5 and future of applications, Michael said ESPN has 50% audience on mobile web and apps. The convergence between mobile web and applications is never going to happen, so you have to build both. Quoting the example of Starbucks, he added, Starbucks is pulling out its app to pay rather than using a credit card or cash. Applications can do more than mobile web, but you have to invest in an app like you did in website 10 years ago.

SES New York 2013 Day 1 Complete Coverage #sesny

Image Courtesy: Top Rank

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