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There are many changes observed during the holiday season when the shopping mania sets in. Search queries increase in massive numbers and there is fluctuation of inventory as demand increases on specific days. Management of spikes in the search volume on brand as well as product queries and efforts to work towards making product feeds correctly reflect inventory are particularly important concerns during this period. Google has recently announced updates to enable retailers to ensure their Shopping campaigns operate efficiently without any problems. For assisting retailers to plan and handle the massive surges that come about on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the search engine has added Auction Insights to Shopping campaigns. The Auction Insights enable advertisers to observe how they fare against competitors and employ this information when formulating bidding strategies.

Alongside this update, Google has also made other kinds of reporting available for Shopping campaigns.

Statistics pertaining to search impression shares for Shopping campaigns will now have alignment to text ads. Google has indicated it now calculates Search impression share at the account stage, so advertisers can even see the change in impression share between the months of October and November. Device as well as time segmentation can now be used for Shopping campaigns in the Dimensions tab. Product Groups tab can get additions from Bid simulator columns.

A fresh “flattened” version in the Product Groups tab gives advertisers the chance to sort out their product groups within ad groups on the basis of performance data and ensure easy identification of which groups should be optimized.

Merchant Center’s Diagnostic Tab

Holidays are a time when inconsistency in product can lead to disapproval of ads from Google Shopping. This is also the time when such an event is most likely to occur as inventory as well as promotions are in a state of flux constantly. For preventing merchant from experiencing an ad blackout, Google has added a Diagnostics tab within the Merchant Center. This marks one of the first updates to this Merchant Center for some time now.

The Data Quality tab has been replaced by the Diagnostics tab. This displays consolidated issue reporting for account for Merchant Center as well as deeds and items. This in turn makes it easier to identify and act to sort out any problems that may occur.

New Shopping Campaign Tools Such as Auction Insights, Diagnostic Tabs and More Added By Google Adwords

Within this tab, merchants can now observe a historic overview of the item eligibility status and download reports having all the affected items as well as the causes for the disapprovals.

Merchants can now also see traffic and impact metrics so that they can find out about the number of items being presently impacted by specific issues. As this tab is now live, users should be able to observe it during the next login.

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