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Moderator: Madan Sanglikar, CEO, AD2C


  • Dippak Khurana, CEO & Co-Founder, Vserv.mobi
  • Rohan Verma, Director, MapmyIndia
  • Anil Mathews, Founder & CEO, AdNear
  • Anisha Singh, Founder & CEO, mydala.com

Integrated Mobile Marketing: ad:tech New Delhi 2013, Day 2 #adtechin

The panelists discussed on the right tactics for an integrated mobile marketing strategy that takes into account a firm understanding of customer, the market and usage. The discussion went on to cover how big is the feature/smart phone market? Who owns these devices? What are their true capabilities? And how ‘technology’, ‘creativity’ and ‘marketing’ have come together?

Madan: Mobile is a smart device. 

Anisha: Anisha’s brand works for many other brands. The brands are not looking for devices, but they look for reach. According to her, for this year, the USSD(Unstructured Supplementary Services Data) is not going to change, also not for next year. The numbers suggest that USSD is going to work. 

Madan: Every phone is smart as long as the phone allows the user to do what he wants. It’s all about usage. 

Anil: The line is very thin between smartphones and feature phone. We get requests from brands to promote the brand on smartphones. However feature phone are still being used in India. Hence, promotional campaigns should be designed around the idea that it should cater to both smartphones as well as feature phone users. Also, knowing the location of the user can be used to target a specific audience. 

Rohan: The brands look at locations to open their outlets, that’s phase one. After investing has been done for physical location, the phase 2 is when the brand is to reach the users. That’s when mobile phone comes in. The key is to drive the target users to their physical stores. 

Dippak: Brand managers want to learn about how to use mobiles for promotion. First step is to make the brand managers understand how the mobiles can increase the usage of their brand. Next, comes the challenge of making the client understand how the brands can engage with mobile users. Next, comes the solution providers who help capture the niche market through various mobile marketing techniques. 

Anisha: look at mobile as an alternative to marketing. Initially, our brand(Mydala) faced problem of convincing other brands to market on mobile. But now, brands are fighting for mobile space on our brand. Lot of conversions happed via mobile. 

Madan: Hyper local targeting, how does it work?

Anil: Hyper local targeting works well for certain industries such as auto industry and retail industry. It increases the visible reach of the store. It drives foot traffic by increasing visible reach. Hyper local targeting helps in selecting localities or cities that needs to be targeted.

Rohan: Hyper local targeting is the most efficient way of reaching out to the audience. The customer base is not standing outside the store. The customer has to be informed where the stores are. Mobile store locator is one such way how the above mentioned challenge can be achieved. 

Dippak: The starting point of Hyper local targeting is to start state wise which is known as circle targeting or state targeting. Timing of the marketing is also important. Next he pointed out that every new feature that is introduced in the market takes about couple of years to establish usage. The marketers should be careful before jumping onto using new features to close the sales loop. 

A really interesting session on Mobile marketers. Thanks everyone!

Smart Or Dumb? Integrated Mobile Marketing: ad:tech New Delhi 2013, Day 2 #adtechin, 5.0 out of 5 based on 4 ratings
Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal

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