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FitSmallBusiness, the how-to site for marketing, management and business plans for small businesses, has come up with a Facebook Marketing Quiz featuring 18 questions based on social media. 80% correct answers or getting 15 answers right out of 18, implies you are doing great in your social media marketing strategy.

The contributors to the quiz are: Josh Berger of Interconnected Worldwide, Evan Wright of Digital Parc, Erika Madden of Olyvia Media, Jasmine Davis of Community Elf, Katie Mayberry of Spyglass Digital, Scott Hancock of Growth Media, Johnathan Grzybowski of Dino Enterprise, Sylvia Heneghan of PostcardMania, Jeff Howland of Dream Local Digital, Patrick Rafferty of Online Optimism, Collin Davis of Adspringr, and Krista Bunskoek of Wishpond.

Here are the questions. To know the answers click here.

  1. Which of these is correct for Facebook cover photo?
    1. Cover photos should not be deceptive, misleading or violate someone’s copyright
    2. Cover photos should not have more than 20% of text
    3. You should not use call-to-action in the cover photo
  2. What do you mean by Facebook engagement?
    1. It is when visitors view your page
    2. When they view your posts
    3. When thy like, comment and share your posts
  3. Which of these does not define “target audience” for a Facebook post?
    1. Location
    2. Shoe size
    3. Political affiliation
  4. When will your Facebook ad be approved?
    1. If it encourages people to buy beer at your shop
    2. It directs the user to a landing page with a pop up
    3. If it incorporates a “before and after” image
  5. How can you optimize your ad on Facebook to get the lowest cost per like?
    1. By using broad keywords
    2. By using specific keywords
    3. By using the categories they provide
  6. Which of these is most important to find out how many people view your content?
    1. Number of likes
    2. Number of shares and comment
    3. Organic reach
  7. Which of these posts receive the maximum engagement?
    1. Links
    2. Photos
    3. Videos
  8. The best time to post to drive maximum engagement is?
    1. Monday afternoon
    2. Wednesday morning
    3. Thursday evening
  9. For a photo to be optimized on a Facebook status it should have the dimensions of?
    1. 851 pixels by 315 pixels
    2. 403 X 403
    3. 800 X 1200
  10. The three primary factors of Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm are?
    1. Time decay, number of characters, affinity
    2. Affinity, weight, time decay
    3. Number of characters, likes, images
  11. Do Facebook posts with images have better reach and engagement than those with only text?
    1. Yes
    2. No
  12. How should you use Facebook ads to target people who have already visited your website?
    1. By running a page post engagement ad
    2. By running a clicks to website ad
    3. By running a website conversions ad
  13. What should be the ideal length for a Facebook post?
    1. Less than 40 characters
    2. 80 characters
    3. More than 100 characters
  14. Which browser should you use for creating a lookalike audience using Power Editor?
    1. Google Chrome
    2. Safari
    3. Internet Explorer
    4. d.Firefox
  15. Which of these you can’t perform using Power Editor?
    1. Target users by their name
    2. Target users by their email ID
    3. Target users by their phone number
  16. What is a dark Facebook post?
    1. It is a Facebook post which is not published on the timeline but can be used for advertising
    2. A post that generates negative comments
    3. A post receiving less than 100 impressions
  17. If you are running a Facebook contest, which of these is not a legal means of entrance?
    1. Like to enter
    2. Share on your/your friend’s timeline to enter
    3. Comment to enter
  18. Where is a conversion tracking pixel placed?
    1. Facebook page
    2. Initial landing page
    3. Thank you page

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