Spammers Fake Google Webmaster Central Emails Again!

Jun 21, 2007 | 2,145 views | by Navneet Kaushal
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A webmaster who was unaware of spammers sending fake notices on Google's behalf, suffered for a short while when he received a fake message, reports a thread at Webmaster World.

The worried webmaster writes, "Yet they have sent me a message about one of my sites being removed from their index. The email comes with a link for a reinclusion request but when I go to that page I can only send them the form after ticking a box, stating that my site has indeed violated their guidelines in the past. Now, what nonsense is that? Don't they even give you a chance to claim innocence? The site in question is a one page German site where I have put together some information from the (English) main site of a customer. At present there are no funds to do a full translation but the site is meant to give a brief overview of their services to their prospective customers from Germany. The part that I especially don't understand is that there is supposed to be some kind of redirection from to which is not acccording to their guidelines. I don't have any redirections on that site. "

This was nothing but a fictitious mail from spammers, which has been occurring for a while like the case when Google Webmaster Central took a Beating in Germany!.

It should be known that Google has stopped sending penalty notification emails while they work on ways to provide more secure communication mechanisms".

4.thumbnail Spammers Fake Google Webmaster Central Emails Again!

Navneet Kaushal

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4.thumbnail Spammers Fake Google Webmaster Central Emails Again!
4.thumbnail Spammers Fake Google Webmaster Central Emails Again!