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Steve Ballmers Internal E-Mail Spills The Beans on Yahoo AcquisitionAn internal email from Microsoft's Chief Executive to the employees makes things crystal about the company's plans to go ahead with the acquisition. Tech Crunch has posted the complete letter from Ballmer.

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Here's how it reads:

“Today, I am very excited to announce that Microsoft has made a proposal to acquire Yahoo!. This announcement represents a big opportunity for Microsoft, and is the next major milestone in our companywide transformation to embrace online services, search, and advertising.”

Estimates and strategy, “This year, online advertising is a $40 billion business. It will grow to $80 billion by 2010 and will continue to increase in the years beyond. This market provides a significant growth opportunity for Microsoft…and by joining with Yahoo!, we will take the next step toward becoming a major search destination and social platform for consumers."

Who is he alluding to here? “…we’ll create a company that is in a much better position to compete against an increasingly dominant player in this market.” And where's Microsoft now headed “I outlined in my quarterly strategy email last week, we grow by anticipating new areas where software has the greatest potential to create opportunities.”

The tone of the complete letter is upbeat and the tone seems to talk as if the deal has already taken place.

Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal is the founder and CEO of PageTraffic, an SEO Agency in India with offices in Chicago, Mumbai and London. A leading search strategist, Navneet helps clients maintain an edge in search engines and the online media. Navneet's expertise has established PageTraffic as one of the most awarded and successful search marketing agencies.
Navneet Kaushal
Navneet Kaushal
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