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Is in-house SEO driving you crazy? If the answer is yes, how will you infiltrate the brand and get your job done? Similar questions were raised and answered at Pubcon Day 1 session with Melanie Mitchell.


  • Melanie Mitchell


  • John Marshall – CTO, Founder, Market Motive
  • Simon Heseltine – Director, Audience Development, AOL Inc.
  • Derrick Wheeler – Senior Search Engine Optimization Architect, Microsoft

The world of SEO is rapidly changing. So, what should be the strategy of in-house SEOs to do their job right? The experts at the session believe that an honest look at the goals, obstacles, and vision for the company will surely let you create an SEO strategy, you can pitch with confidence.

The interesting session on in-house SEO with John Marshall, Simon Heseltine, and Derrick Wheeler also identified the pain points of SEOs.

Consumer Journey – The way we reach consumers has changed because of the social & mobile revolution. Moreover, the way consumers obtain information has also changed in the last 5 years. So, SEOs need to think outside their traditional marketing comfort area and introduce fundamental changes in the process. When people are talking about you – are you listening? Experts advise SEOs to utilize and optimize brand advocates.

Data – Immense data is flowing everywhere on the web and is readily available, so how are you making your data stand out of the rest. Experts suggest that you need to think what all you can do to get your brand at the top position. Breaking the traditional silos, diversifying tasks & responsibilities, figuring out how to make changes, and getting all the roles working cohesively is the success key. SEO has become a part of everyone's job and a marketing plan created 10 years ago is of no use.

The later part of the session emphasized on The Mighty ROI – Making more money. Experts said that you have to identify the top 3 things that you need for making more money. After you have identified these things, next would be to figure out how the strategy can be sold to get the implementation under way. 

An interesting take away from the session is "CEOs might not care about SEO, so hit them with numbers, draw their attention, and scare them about the missed opportunities". Assure them that you are going to make more money for them. But, at the end, you have to provide competitive intelligence to get more visibility and help company in making more money.

Defining the Audience

When 66% of consumers don't know what brand they want, while starting their research, your strategy should be even more targeted and efficient. Experts recommend you to find out if your audience is social, writes & reads reviews, and similar things. 1 in 4 conversions ending in brand search actually starts with category search. Looking at how people are searching and the areas where you are not covered, for category to brand related terms will help.

An overall interesting session on SEO mainly talked about 6 point plan:

  • Creating core team
  • Setting priorities, goals, and incentives
  • Providing training
  • Setting internal standards and processes
  • Providing tools
  • Measuring and tracking

The concluding tip at the end of the session was to "Tie your top SEO goals into the overall company goals and remember that once the marketing plan is approved, it is important to be honest & up front about what you are doing".

Straight Jacket-Free In-house SEO: #Pubcon Las Vegas 2013, Day 1!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 4 ratings
Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal

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Navneet Kaushal
Navneet Kaushal
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