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A study by Ignition One shows that the amount being spent upon paid services has gone up by 22 percent for tablets and a by 71 percent for smart phones. When it comes to CPC and CTR, the growth can still be compared as it is 24 and 28 percent and 26 and 17 per cent respectively. The clicks on smart phones have outgrown those on tablets by 41 percent. In the same way, the smart phone impressions go up by 8 percent almost every year, whereas tablet impressions go down by 17 percent.

Studies Show That Paid Search Spending Goes Up By 71% For Smart Phones

There is an immense leverage when it comes to mobiles. However, the company continues to have a mobile display business and not really a vernacular to phone and tablet field, like Facebook does. Google is limited in context of mobile display business and are not native to phone and tablet business. The real ace in that field is undoubtedly Facebook.

The display growth of Google has come down by 9 percent year after year, where at the same time, Facebook has gone up by 48 percent. this means that Facebook owns 16 percent of the display share. Google share has gone down from 38 to 31 percent.

The competition faced by Google is greater than Yahoo and Bing put together. The latter two hold 24.5% of the search market share. Google owns 75.5%. The Yahoo Bing network has toppled down two and a half points from the last quarter. Experts like Will Margiloff, CEO of Ignition One, suggest that moves like the November deal should be focused upon, wherein Yahoo had become the default search engine for Mozilla Firefox.

Statistics say that the amount spent on programmatic data shot up by 33 percent year over year, whereas eCPM went up by 35 percent from 2014’s second quarter. Impressions came down by 1 percent, a tiny numeric value, if equated with Facebook changes-fuelled reductions from quarters past.

Specific tactics, contextual and lookalike ads remain almost the same year over year, they make up 36 percent of the amount spent on programmatic display. Kudos to the amount spent on re-marketing, the reach increased from 8 to 16 percent. It may be losing ground, but it still is the dominant trick.

Studies Show That Paid Search Spending Goes Up By 71% For Smart Phones

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