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According to a new research conducted by searchmetrics.com, more than one-third of Google search results integrate Schema.org rich snippets, but only 0.3% are actually using the Google approved Schema.org tools.

Rich snippets are the additional text, images and links to give users an idea about what is on a page or website before they click on it. The study examined Google’s US search results in March for thousands of keywords over half a million web domains, and concluded that although around 36.6% of Google search results incorporate schema rich snippets like images, reviews and product ratings, only a small fraction are actually using the schema markup code.

More than one-third of the search results examined by Searchmetrics included at least one snippet with information derived from Schema.org. The most common integrations were related to Movies (27%) and Offers (21%), followed by a tie-up between TV Series and Product snippets for the third place.

The study also found out that those domains which do not use schema markup had an average ranking of 25, while those which used schema ranked at 21, four positions better than the former. The study also revealed that larger sites are more likely to use Schema markup than the smaller ones.

However, this does not imply that by using schema you can get higher rankings. It is most likely that pages that use Schema.org have higher rankings due to other factors which positively affect their rankings- such as better optimization and more resources to content creation and SEO.

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