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Google News is being seen as a good source of traffic to a site. There has been an increasing interest in how to get sites included in Google News. There is a post at Seoroundtable that details on the process involved. The technical requirements for the inclusion are:

  •     In order for the Google crawler to correctly gather articles, each page that displays an article's full text needs to have a unique URL that does not change. Google cannot include sites in Google News that display multiple articles at the same URL.
  •      The URL for each article must contain a unique number consisting of at least three digits.
  •      Keep in mind that Google cannot include sites for which the URL of the main page includes a date. URLs with dates in them often change on a daily or weekly basis. This prevents Google from crawling the site for new content, as Google is unable to detect the most current URL to be crawled.
  •     Google's automated crawler is currently best able to crawl regular HTML links. Google is unable to crawl image links or links embedded in JavaScript.

The post also enumerates a few must do's and helpful features. They are:

  •     Provide a good historical background of the site
  •     Show awards the site received
  •     Give stats on the site
  •     Tell them about your editors and authors
  •     Tell them about who links to your site (if the Google blog links to you, that is a good thing)
  •     Make sure you are news related or mostly news related.
  •     Make sure your site complies with the technical requirements, and show them that is does.
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