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Google Inc. intends to move into large, temporary office space either in Tempe or South. It is expected that this temporary office in Tempe would be permanent workplace in future. There is another option in South Scottsdale where it can use a recently constructed facility near Arizona State University.

Though there isn't any official declaration made by any of the Google spokesperson. There are some speculations hovering over the issue. Recently, Google spokeswoman Sonya Boralv said, "We have not yet finalized a location and have nothing to announce at this time."

Actually, office place in Tempe will be occupied by the Mountain View, a California-based Internet company. The Mountain View has a capacity to occupy 100,000 square feet to 120,000 square feet space and that wouldn't be enough. The Mountain View is also looking forward to construct an office center and an engineering center of its own at a nearby location.

According to Sources, that center will be constructed in South Scottsdale or Tempe. This construction would accommodate 600 Google workers.

This move would be very fruitful for the ASU campus in Tempe and new high-tech research center (SkySong) in South Scottsdale. This would enable the Google to recruit computer science and network graduates from ASU's main campus and SkySong.

Robert Middlestaedt, dean of ASU's W.P.  quoted, "That's the kind of environment companies like that like to be near. They like to be near a major Research University, not just for the students, but because they use faculty as consultants and advisers and the technology that comes out of the university that they'd be interested in."



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