Jan 28, 2015 113 reads by Ritu Sharma

Google has released a new Search Queries Report Tool in Google Webmaster Tools and they are offering an Alpha preview of the tool to select beta/alpha testers. If you wish to try and test the new Search Queries Report, sign up at this form and Google may select you.

In late December, people learnt about Google’s new efforts to improvise the search queries report and now a month later, Google has taken a new step where they are looking for testers. Google said on Google+ that “we are working on something new for you” around this report and they are looking for people who are willing to give “feedback along the way”.

In yesterday’s webmaster hangout, John Mueller, announced it and said at 34 seconds in adding “something neat” they are “trying out”. It should be open for testing around next week, John added. It is a “very early alpha version” and they will likely change things quickly based on user feedback.

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Ritu Sharma
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