Jun 12, 2006 113 reads by Candid SEO

Google is improving upon the service aspect. Matt and his new associate were seen as testaments to the responsiveness of Google. Now Vanessa in a post has asked all the Sitemaps users to get in touch with the Sitemaps group. Here is the whole of her post-

If you use Sitemaps, you should check our our Google Group. The Sitemaps team monitors this community to learn about any issues Sitemaps regulars may be having, as well as about feature requests and suggestions for enhancements. In addition, the members are great about helping each other out. If you do post a question or issue to the Group, please include your site URL (and Sitemap URL if your question is about a Sitemap) and any error message you received. This enables other Group members to help you more quickly and helps the Sitemaps team troubleshoot issues. We greatly appreciate the Group discussions and use the feedback to make Sitemaps better.

Thanks for your participation and input!

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