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‘Your Timeline’, a newly introduced feature on Google Maps software enables the users retrace their travel history. Whether they have traveled to a museum, or to a bar in the past, they can track it all.

The feature is useful for all users, enabling consumers of various businesses keep a note of their important locations and stores. The feature helps the users visualize the real world routines and view the places they have visited on a given day, month or year.

‘Your Timeline’ Feature Introduced on Google Maps

Getting a glimpse of the places user have spent their time in will rejuvenate their senses. Users using Google Photos can see the photos they took when viewing a particular day.

For every user, ‘Your Timeline’ is private and visible only to them. They have full control on the locations they choose to keep. It is for them to delete a day, or have full history. Any place appearing in ‘Your Time’ can be edited, for instance users can remove a specific location or give a certain spot a private name such as Game Area or Club House. When they log in Google Maps, the spot will appear right there.

The feature is currently available on desktop and Android. You have to make the setting enabled to access the feature. The notifications are quite useful when there are traffic incidents along the commute, creating traffic snarls, or reminding where the car was parked the last time. There are many ways for the users to view and control the location data.

One a single platform, one can manage Location History setting, gaining the ability to easily access and manage Location History setting.

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