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Tips To Make Your Ecommerce Site

With, autumn setting in, the festive fervor catches up and spreads among people all over the country. As an e-commerce site owner, the festive season is a chance to double your sales and maximize your profits as the internet traffic shoots up by more than 40% over the festive period. This means you need to get a plan ready to divert some of the increased traffic to your site, and set the cash registers ringing (not literally!).

Set You Goals:

Like any good marketing plan, you need to set up your goals. These may vary according to your site, but the general idea is:

  • How Much Sales You Are Targeting?
  • Any Products You Plan To Highlight?
  • Want To Introduce Any Special Schemes, That May Carry In The New Year?
  • Newsletters And Email Sign ups?

Once you have the answers to these questions, you need to set the game in motion by following a custom built marketing plan.

Get The Look And Spread The Cheer!

Your ecommerce site must get a festive make over. So you can add a festive header and footer to your site. Add a “Diya” for Diwali or may be a “Star” for Christmas. This not only makes your site attractive, but also is a way of informing the customers that you are ready and open for festive purchases.

  • Oil the creeks– in other words, check and double check that your site works. Check it over for ease of purchase, and make sure there is no error that could hinder a buyer.
  • Allow people to check in easily– this means that if you have a “sign in process” before the users can explore the site, then get rid of that for the festive season. You have to make purchasing easy, and make sure that the a browser converts into a buyer.
  • Change the newsletter sign up logo – make it festive centric. Something like “Sign Up For The Best Christmas Deals.”

Stock Up For The Season With Products And Offers:

You have to remember that for some one to buy from you amidst the million other festive offers, you have to give the customer something extra. You have to give people incentives to shop with you.

  • Offer free gifts– nothing gets people going like the chance to get something for free. So something on the taglines of- “Buy A Toy Car And Get Batteries Free!”
  • Offer price discounts– roll out special festive offers. Give the customers a chance to buy something at 10% less the price. This will be a good incentive for many.
  • Offer Free Shipping– this may seem quite a good deal to many customers, of you offer them an incentive to buy for example free shipping on orders over a certain amount during the festive period.
  • Keep an option for late shoppers– work out something, how can they pick up stuff, if it is too late to ship.
  • Most importantly, set up a special– Gifts Section!

Gifting Ideas Galore!

A great way to sell in the festive season is to make a gift out of your every product, so that people can buy almost anything as a gift for someone. You can offer well categorized choices for people to choose from- for instance-

  • By Relationships
  • By gender
  • By price
  • By type

This classification will seem helpful and attractive at the same time-increasing your chances for a sale!

Help people further by offering a FAQ session, so that they know what they want to buy. You can take them to the ideal gift by using a flowchart idea. This way, a woman would know what to get her 18 year old niece!

  • Combine products together– this will make them more attractive for the people, while making them useful too! For instance, if you combine a cooker with a blender, people can buy it thinking to give them each to two families!
  • Offer gift vouchers– gift vouchers are quite popular to catch hold of shoppers who are just browsing. A voucher is a primary choice for people who just can't make up their mind what to buy as gifts. With a voucher, they can leave the deciding up to the receiver. Gift vouchers get a lot of takers, who are into last minute shopping, if you offer to send them as email vouchers.
  • Presentation-When you will deliver the gifts and other shopping items, make sure to pack them nicely for the festive season. This effort by you will be marked as a good professional touch at your part, and ensure that the shopper will return to your site again!

Here is a video about the same:

E-mail Marketing-Take It Up Early!

Email special offers to your customers, well ahead of the festive season. Prepare a nice festive offers mail, and send it just as Fall sets in. Then schedule the reminders on a regular basis.

  • Create Email specific landing pages– this is a very essential step, as if you have a special email offer, the link should land on that offer page only- this will give it maximum impact. But at the same time, list all your other offers running, on that landing page too. So that people are attracted to look around further.
  • Send out Festive Greeting Too– you need to establish a personal contact with your buyers. So show them your human side. Do not forget to send people- Happy Diwali Or Merry Christmas emails on the day of the festival.

Send emails reminding people of the offers running, and the new ones ready for the new year. Send an email with offers for the New Year on Christmas day.

Internet Marketing And SEO:

You have to begin on your festive special SEO campaign well in advance. Start around three to four months before so that you get the maximum benefits in the festive season.

Find The Festive Keywords And Optimize Them- For the festive season, you will have to arrive at a whole new set of keywords to optimize for your ecommerce site. So, if –

“Diwali designer candles” work for you or “designer gifts for Diwali” find that out.

Think of including local too, if it applies in your case- like- “Christmas cakes Chicago”.

You can arrive at the best keywords quickly by researching your analytics from the previous festive season to judge what worked for you.

“Christmas 2011, get Christmas gifts, avail Christmas discounts at our store. Cheap Christmas goods here, with Christmas decorations.”

  • Optimize Your Site– Make sure that every single festive offer rolled by you is optimized. This means working on the titles and the meta description.
  • Create Content for your keywords– This is a part of optimizing, as you need to create content with your keywords. So interesting festive lore and write ups about gifting traditions are a good option. But again, do not do keyword stuffing, as this may upset the search engines, so avoid doing this-
  • A good piece of content would be– “Brighten up your Diwali this year, with our custom made Diwali gifts. Available for shipping within 24 hours!”
  • Write new and festive centric blogs– Articles on helping people prepare for the festivals- some festive delicacy recipe maybe? Think of what people would want to know during the festive season and write unique, informative and quality content.
  • Keep and eye on the competition– Learn from your competition. See what they are doing and what can you pick up from them.

Go Social:

Social media is your sure shot way to promote your offers quite successfully. But again, keep in mind to keep it social while selling! Do not spam the social networking sites with your offers.

  • Facebook– Keep updating your Facebook page with latest offers and discounts. Write interesting content as status update. Post festive and happy pictures!
  • Twitter– Apart from Tweeting offers, tweet interesting festive tips and articles. Engage others in conversation frequently and occasionally push your products. Invite your followers to Retweet your offers.
  • Press Releases– Do a press release outlining your offers. Link the release to your site.

Optimizing the video and photo sites too!

Additional Tips:

  • Keep a track of your Analytics to know where people are coming from- what keywords driving them-what are they looking for. This way you can add the product they are looking for.
  • Keep an eye on Google Trends- this will give you an idea what people are searching for and then use this information to optimize your site.


This festive season, outline a marketing plan based on the pointers above. Give yourself and your design and development team some time to come up with creative plans and their neat implementations. Start in advance and see an increase in business in the last quarter of 2011 and new business in 2012.

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