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So here we have it! T-Mobile’s G1 phone was officially announced on 23th September 2008.


  • A touch screen
  • A keyboard
  • Different Google apps.

    Maps (including satellite, traffic, and street views)
    Google Talk

  • 3-mega pixel camera and is wi-fi enabled.
  • It’s also connected to Amazon’s DRM-free MP3 music store, as well as an Android applications directory. Supports up to 1 GB memory cards for storage
  • And more…

The phone has a Google logo on its back.

“A Google spokesman said that, these days, using phones “does not just mean a phone call, but rather access to the world’s information” and that mobiles will be one of the most important ways to connect to the internet in future.”

T-Mobiles G1 phone

"There haven't been that many compelling experiences for the user to lean into with the mobile Web," said Cole Brodman, CTO and chief innovation officer for T-Mobile USA. "We're going to change that. How? By deploying open systems and open standards, he added, and combining that with a true 3G network that supports high-speed connectivity.

"And most importantly, we're going to embrace third parties to create new applications for the mobile Internet."

According to T-Mobile, the phone will be available in the United States on October 22 at a price range of $179 along with a contract of two years. It would be made available in UK in November.

T-Mobile says:

“There’s an introductory promotional video tour available, and several other videos at YouTube show off some of the features of the G1.”

Walt Mossberg reviews the competitor of iPhone in a perfect way. Walt writes, “Most importantly, the G1 complements its touch screen with a physical keyboard, the lack of which has made the iPhone a non-starter for some users. The G1’s keyboard is revealed when you slide open its screen. The keys are a bit flat, and you have to reach your right thumb around a bulging portion of the phone’s body to type, but it’s a real keyboard. (…) A second big feature, or limitation, of the G1 – depending on your point of view – is that it is tightly tied to Google’s web-based email, contacts and calendar programs. In fact, you must have a Google … account to use the phone, and can only synchronize the phone’s calendar and address book with Google online services. Unlike the iPhone, it doesn’t work with Microsoft Exchange, and it can’t physically be synced with a PC-based calendar or contacts program, like Microsoft Outlook.”

Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal

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Navneet Kaushal
Navneet Kaushal
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