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Here we come again with our list of this week's best articles on digital marketing that we found across the Internet. These have been categorized into content marketing, social media, search engine optimization, email marketing and link building. Take a look at them and we are sure you will love going through them.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Articles of this Week: 10thJune, 2016!

Content Marketing

The Compelling Case for Content Marketing

The case for content marketing boils down to the fact that more and more consumers are avoiding traditional advertising vectors. While ads are unavoidable, the general dislike of them are a good reason to consider content marketing. Also, many of the specific reasons the survey respondents gave for not liking ads are things content marketing ameliorates. Marketers need to find ways to create ads and content that consumers will find engaging.

Split Testing Your Content Marketing Campaigns: How and Why To Do It

How much do you know about split testing? Chances are, you’re familiar with its role in helping to boost the conversion rate of an email, a web page, or an ad. But have you ever considered that split testing could help boost the performance of your content marketing campaigns? Despite its prevalence in landing page conversion rate optimization, a split test can actually be applied to most situations in which we want to optimize performance. Including a content marketing campaign.

Search Engine Optimization

7 Proven Things You Can Do To Skyrocket Your SEO

SEO is such a diverse and dynamic discipline that it can be hard to know where to focus your efforts. The industry’s top thought leaders are always publishing new advice, and the search engines are iterating their algorithms and ranking factors faster than we practitioners can keep up. The speed of your website is one of the many factors that adds or subtracts to Google’s trust of your website. If your website is fast and error free, it’s less likely to cause any of Google’s searchers problems.

Six lessons advertisers can learn from local SEO

How should businesses be stepping up their efforts to target consumers locally and be present at the top of search when it is most important? Here are six lessons that advertisers can learn from local SEO to make the most of these hyperlocal opportunities. If you have or will have more traffic in mobile, start designing in mobile. Responsive web is not simply about designing a liquid or adaptive multi-device site. You have to create a totally different experience in mobile.

Top SEO tips for 2016

SEO is a very volatile industry because of the many changes that take place in the Google algorithm within a period. The algorithm set in place this month may not be the same the next. It is an always evolving algorithm that encourages SEO specialists to stay on their toes and keep abreast with updates. As 2015 is now behind us, it has become more important for specialists to look out for trends that can affect search rankings for their keywords in this new year.

Social Media

How to Target Your Facebook Ads to Business Locations

Using workplace targeting makes it easy to get your content in front of the right people at the right company. If you own or manage a restaurant, publish posts about your daily specials and promote your posts to people who work at the businesses within walking distance. If you’re promoting an article about the top events in your town, you could target people who work at the local university and other companies to help spread the word.

Facebook Looking to Boost Reach with Millennials Through New Gaming Partnership

Gamers will now be able to stream direct to their Facebook timelines and Pages, a move which could make Facebook a much bigger player in the space. That audience is pretty much impossible for other networks to compete with – if Facebook can show the gaming community that they can get more audience on their network, and that they can integrate their combined social and community efforts all on one platform, that could convince some to switch across.

Email Marketing

17 Email Marketing Tactics to Boost Your Response Rates

Email marketing can be quite challenging for a number of reasons. Avoiding the spam folder, getting people to open your emails, getting them to read to the bottom, and getting them to click-through are all pretty tough challenges. The very first step is to segment your audience and make sure to fully understand the needs of each audience segment. This will allow you to send boosting you chances of getting a response.

5 Awful First Sentences That Are Killing Your Outreach Emails

Whether you’re at a networking event, a party, a conference, or an office function, walking up to a stranger and introducing yourself can be terrifying. Want similar results with your prospects? Check out the first sentences you should never use in another outreach email. Luckily, fixing this mistake is easy: Just cut this sentence from your message so it now begins with the second sentence. Your recipient will appreciate how quickly you get to the point.

Link Building

Links, shares, ‘likes’: How to make your content soar

Despite what many content marketers might think, viral content isn’t such a shot in the dark. The methodology behind a specific campaign’s success, however, shouldn’t be overlooked. To boost your content’s link-earning potential, here are a few takeaways from each topic and how to tailor your efforts accordingly. When tracking analytics, there’s a range of quality when determining the value of your links and shares. If a high-profile website or blog links to your story, the more valuable it becomes.

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