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Here we come again with our list of this week's best articles on digital marketing that we found across the Internet. These have been categorized into content marketing, social media, search engine optimization, email marketing and link building. Take a look at them and we are sure you will love going through them.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Articles of this Week: 13th May, 2016!

Content Marketing

Kill These 12 Content Marketing Software Bugs (It's Not What You Think)

Nobody likes buggy software. At its worst, it's been known to cause death and substantial loss of capital. Even in its most benign form, buggy software costs time and productivity. So in today's article you will be offered tips for combating bugs that can infiltrate your content marketing software. Before you publish the latest version of your content marketing software, make your best effort to remove all bugs.

Your CEO Needs These 4 Content Marketing Metrics

Using vanity metrics does not position you as a strategic player, but rather as a tactical marketer lacking a vision for how marketing can truly drive growth. Instead, deliver content marketing metrics that truly illustrate how your work is impacting the business. Simply telling your CEO that you produced 800 leads last month won’t cut it. You need to tie that number directly to its revenue potential.

Search Engine Optimization

How to Run a World Class SEO Agency

Many people think that running your own business means being your own boss and wielding authority. But the truth is, it goes far beyond authority, and power and has nothing to do with luck. As for the search engine optimization, it’s quite specific, so an SEO agency owner should have a broad knowledge of business and an understanding of many different industries.

Ecommerce Page Titles Key for Shoppers (and SEO)

A thoughtful, descriptive ecommerce page title can help attract interested shoppers from social media and search engines. Page title optimization is a low-effort as well as high-value task for ecommerce site owners and managers. Search engine optimizers usually recommend page titles that include one or two descriptive phrases — keyword phrases — and a site’s brand name, separated with pipes or, perhaps, a hyphen.

Eight ways content marketing and SEO can work together

Since the rise of the term content marketing, perhaps three or four years ago, there’s been plenty of talk about the end of SEO and its replacement by this ‘new’ discipline. It’s true that many search agencies have since rebranded or have emphasized their content expertise, but this doesn’t mean that content marketing has rendered SEO obsolete. Far from it. Indeed, the two disciplines should work together, and the use of either has to include both SEO and content if it is to be truly effective online.

Social Media

How the Facebook News Feed Works: Changes Marketers Need to Know

In this article you’ll discover how the Facebook news feed algorithm works, what’s been updated, and how marketers can respond to create more visibility on Facebook. If you want more people to see your content in the news feed, make sure that people stick around long enough to consume your content. You can create longer videos and articles; however, not too long. Facebook looks at the time spent on a piece of content within a maximum threshold.

3 Ways To Build Promotion Into Posts Before You Hit Publish

Promotion isn’t part of a session focused on blog post creation. You have to build blog post promotion into your plans. You pour your heart and soul into what you believe will be an epic post. You add a bit here. Change a bit there. Many bloggers think post distribution means placing your post in as many places as possible so potential readers can find it. The real blog post distribution goal is getting more people to read, share and act on your post.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing: How to Launch a Successful Campaign

Email is a flexible medium with intimate access. It provides what Arthur Conan Doyle, a great letter writer, called “the charm of variety”. And it situates your letters alongside your audience’s most personal correspondence. As more organizations recognize that email can be as effective and inventive as any other marketing tool, it’s worth considering how to best use that tool to engage your audience.

3 Email Marketing Lessons From Tinder

Whether you love it, hate it, or still think Tinder refers to what you need to start a good campfire; there’s plenty you can learn from the app when it comes to sending great emails. Well, to design a great email, all you need is a nice image or graphic, some clear, concise copy, a CTA—and you’re done. And unless you’re putting together a monthly newsletter where readers expect to find a variety of content, your regular weekly emails can be short and sweet.

Link Building

Link Building Is Hard. Get Over It

The SEO industry seems to have a desperate need to constantly reinvent and relabel everything, probably due to the reputational issues it has faced in the past and partly in an attempt to be taken seriously in broader marketing circles. SEO became link bound, link building became link bait and more recently content marketing is considered to be the new link building. Content marketing has been around forever; it serves far more purposes than simply acquiring links.

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