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Here we come again with our list of this week's best articles on digital marketing that we found across the Internet. These have been categorized into content marketing, social media, search engine optimization, email marketing and link building. Take a look at them and we are sure you will love going through them.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Articles of this Week: 15thApril, 2016!

Content Marketing

The 4 Key Team Members You Need to Achieve Content Marketing Success

Even just a few years ago, creating content felt like a fairly simple process: maintain a blog, update it regularly with a quick post or two, and you’re all set to generate leads. People across the business world have quickly latched onto the idea that “content is king,” and it hasn’t taken long for content marketing to become a massive field with a lot of voices, all of them desperately crying out to be heard.

Keeping it Real with Content Marketing: Why Integrity, Storytelling & Creativity Reign Supreme

Marketing is often seen as a game. A game in which the marketers are the strategists and the customers are the pawns. Unfortunately, that is a game in which nobody wins. Marketers may feel a quick rush due to their success but customers that feel duped or mislead will surely, and quickly spread news of foul marketing practices. There is no shortcut to providing value to customers through your marketing.

Search Engine Optimization

Why Search No Longer Has A Chokehold On Marketing

Search is no longer marketing’s safety school. It won’t ensure that you’ll appear on your audience’s radar if your other marketing fails. Hoping search marketing in general or Google in specific will succeed is myopic. Google, like Facebook, changes its algorithms without notice. Due to the competition for audience attention, no one marketing approach alone can yield the optimal results to build your audience.

2016 state of link building survey: five important takeaways

Links matter, but it’s not as simple as hitting publish—or even promoting and achieving recognition on social platforms. There are two competing truths in the SEO world: every website needs links to perform well in search, and it’s hard to put a price on links. On one hand, it’s difficult to guarantee links. Every SEO is armed with a wide-variety of diverse tactics which can result in links, but what’s effective varies greatly from client to client and niche to niche. Securing links is often time consuming, difficult, and requires specialized knowledge. That inherently makes it a valuable skill.

Creating Content for Google’s RankBrain

Google – and similar search-engine services – are getting smarter. As marketers, you no longer can rely solely on traditional digital strategies such as link building or social-media signaling. You need to be far wiser. How? By first analyzing how Google’s current algorithm components work in conjunction with RankBrain. Users can now feel confident that they’ll find appropriate topics no matter how ambiguous their search terms are.

Social Media

20+ Social Media Hacks and Tips From the Pros

Are you looking for the newest social media tips and techniques? Want to know how the experts are staying ahead of the social media marketing curve? Yes, there are tools that save long-winded tweeters, but they really just add a link that takes the reader to a website, out of the stream. Here’s a hack that lets you run long, while keeping your readers right there on Twitter.

How marketers can widen their reach on LinkedIn

Imagine spending three hours at a networking event and talking only to people that you know. How would this develop your network? Hint: It won’t. Although it's important to maintain relationships with past colleagues and friends, you should start thinking outside the traditional networking box. Your exclusivity is probably limiting your ability to expand your business.

Email Marketing

Three key charts from our 2016 Email Marketing Census

Though marketers may seem to have had a love-hate relationship with email as digital has matured, the channel continues to rule the roost for ROI. Almost three-quarters (73%) of company respondents rate email marketing as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’ when it comes to ROI. This is up from 66% in 2015. Email marketing and SEO (organic search) have fought for the top position in the last three years. This year, email marketing wins by 9% (returning ‘excellent’ or ‘good’ ratings).

The Three P's of Email Marketing

Finding the right people, processes, and products to decipher the ideal email marketing strategy is like trying to crack a cryptic code. There's endless trial and error, but when marketers hit on the right combination, the results are rewarding. Email marketers are expected to be multitalented, but specialization is still valued. Modern marketers need to be jacks-of-all-trades.

Link Building

9 real world examples of advanced link building tactics

You know that backlinks are essential to generate rankings and traffic from search engines. They indicate authority and help build brand signals, to rank for both high value and long-tail keywords. The best link building focuses on getting your brand in front of people, influencers and websites that are relevant to your business – when you’re doing this, the SEO benefit is almost secondary, but it’s substantial!

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