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Here we come again with our list of this week's best articles on digital marketing that we found across the Internet. These have been categorized into content marketing, social media, search engine optimization, email marketing and link building. Have a look at them and we are sure you will love going through them.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Articles of this Week: 18th December, 2015!

Content Marketing

Why You Shouldn’t Care That One-Third of Readers Despise Your Content

The average reader of a brand’s long-form content doesn’t consume 42% of the pages. Not only does much of the content go unviewed, but over 35% of readers spend less than 30 seconds on a downloadable resource. You could never consistently create content that all your readers will want to spend more than 30 seconds on. Don’t take it personally, but do make a conscious effort to identify the 65% of readers who like your content and whether they represent the audience you want to reach.

Six Ways to Include Video in Your Marketing Strategy
Video content is engaging and easy to consume, and it helps you connect to the people that matter most—your audience. As you have learned more about effective content marketing, it's become evidently clear that educational content is one of the most favored types for consumption. By including an educational video series in your marketing strategy, you can educate your audience in relation to their pain points.

Search Engine Optimization

9 ‘Naughty or Nice’ SEO Practices

In a practice where so many aspects edge into gray areas, some aspects of SEO are clearly black or white. In fact, ethical SEO practices that focus on long-term gain are known as “white hat” while the shadier aspects that may cause search engines to punish a site are known as “black hat.” Some think they can find a way to hide buying links for SEO benefit. There are still quite a few agencies out there that will perform this service.

What is URL Canonicalization and how to Use Canonical Tag Properly?

Google definitely wasn’t the first search engine that surfaced the Internet. But Google did things in a better way and provided results that were actually useful. Though SEO is done for all the search engines that exist today, one major search engine that handles most of the traffic on the Internet is Google. Whenever we talk about SEO, people automatically assume that we are talking about optimizing the website for Google.

SEO Tips: 100+ Search Engine Optimisation Best Practices

Looking for a collection of no-nonsense SEO tips, that you can easily implement to boost your site’s search engine rankings? Content should be front and center on any web page. At a minimum the page’s title should be ‘above the fold’; that is visible without the visitor having to scroll. While display advertising is an essential revenue model for many websites, too many ads above the fold may impact negatively on search rankings.

Social Media

5 Must-Have Tools for the Brainy Social Media Manager

With so many social media tools available, you have to decide which are worth paying for and which ones you can use minimally, for free. Some have a free plan, while others will set you back a dime or two. But all of them will enhance your day-to-day social media strategy implementation, while simplifying the process.

How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog Posts: A Game Plan for the Top Social Networks

Do you want to drive more traffic to your blog? Looking for ways to use social media to promote it? Understanding how to best share your blog posts on many social networks will maximize your visibility and reach. When you first post about your blog on social media, the easiest thing to do is to share a link.

Email Marketing

16 Creative Email Subject Lines To Help You Restart Stalled Conversations

Professionals receive an average of 88 business-related emails a day. Short and to the point, they either act as a tantalizing teaser or a reason to send your email straight to the trash folder. Just because someone opened and responded to your first email doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to keep the conversation going.

Don't Underestimate the Marketing Power of Your Email Signature
Email signatures include the sender's contact information, job title, and company information. Besides providing useful contact information, the email signature can be used to build company brand awareness, provide company news, and encourage social media interaction. Instead of using this tool to its full potential, however, many business emails do not include an email signature at all. And when they do, the email signature is often unprofessional or incomplete.

Link Building

18 Types of Backlinks Violating Google’s Guidelines

When doing SEO for your website, it’s vital to know what are the backlinks that are violating Google’s webmaster guidelines. These backlinks can cause vulnerability and eventually a penalty. If you are pointing a few backlinks to some of your friends, there is no reason to worry. But, doing this on hundreds of websites will raise a flag to Google that you are doing something suspicious.

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