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Here we come again with our list of this week's best articles on digital marketing that we found across the Internet. These have been categorized into content marketing, social media, search engine optimization, email marketing and link building. Have a look at them and we are sure you will love going through them.

Content Marketing

5 Steps to Revising Your Content Marketing Strategy to Attract and Retain Future Customers

If you think Content Marketing is not working for you, Think Again! You might be required to make certain changes in the strategy to make it perform better. Here's Joe Pulizzi speaking more on the strategy part.

10 Predictions for Content Marketing in 2015

Content marketing was the buzzword in 2014. Is it still going to get a place above the other marketing strategies? Here are 10 predictions for content marketing in the coming year.

5 Writing Habits that are Killing Your Content Marketing

You are undoubtedly a great writer who has recently showed interest in content marketing. But, creating several crisp copies is still not getting you a worth-sharing ROI. What could be the reason? Here's Danielle Antosz sharing five writing habits that might be the culprits behind your lagging Content Marketing strategy.

Social Media

Social Media Content: Pros, Cons, Examples and Best Practices

Social media content is one of the most visible forms of content marketing. When you are promoting your brand via social media, be careful about the content part. Here's James Anderson talking about the pros, cons, examples & best practices of creating content for social media.

For Success in Social Media, Conversation Is Not Enough – You Need Narrative

Do you believe that brands that are seeking to connect with people must have a self-narrative instead of conversational approach? Here's Bob Deutsch explaining the need of the concept.

Search Engine Optimization

Effective Keyword Targeting: The Key To Growing Traffic & Revenue

Proper keyword targeting is the key to improving the visibility of the website on search engines. But, how do we do it? Trond Lyngbo talks about effective keyword targeting in detail.

10 Most Common SEO Pitfalls

Most of the businesses weren't aware of Internet marketing, two decades ago. But, they evolved with the need of the market. What still needs to be reworked upon is the SEO strategy. There are businesses still practicing the old techniques. Here's the list of 10 most common SEO pitfalls.

Email Marketing

How To Build A Better Email Unsubscribe Page

You have been working hard to create content for your email subscribers. But, at times they just lose interest in what you have to share and decide to unsubscribe. The unsubscribe page is the last point of contact with the readers. So, why not build a page that has a better impact on them and they might change their mind.

Email Marketing Should Remain Top Priority for Small Business Owners

If you think gone are the days of email marketing, you are probably wrong. Small business have close relationships with their customers, therefore they can take the advantage of email marketing. However, big businesses can also take the leverage & keep themselves in the mind of clients.

Link Building

The Death of Linkbuilding for SEO

In the past few years, link building is not considered to be a respectable practice by many. Building links isn't bad but building bad links is bad. Here's Samuel Scott talking about the importance of links.

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