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Here we come again with our list of this week's best articles on digital marketing that we found across the Internet. These have been categorized into content marketing, social media, search engine optimization, email marketing and link building. Have a look at them and we are sure you will love going through them.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Articles of this Week: 23rd October, 2015!

Content Marketing

27+ Handy Tools for Better Visual Content Marketing

Making an image and hoping for the best is not an effective strategy. As Buddha Scalera explains, your brand competes with millions of pictures, movies, and stories everyday, it needs a smart, flexible strategy in order to reach your targeted audience. While stock images may save time, they can’t tell as compelling a story of your brand and your customers – as custom images can.

How to Craft Visual Content for a Mobile Audience

Name of any of the most highly regarded data visualizations offered in the last half decade and there’s no doubt the most stunning examples involved intricate design and elaborate story telling. While mobile traffic is approaching 50% for a lot of publishers, that’s not true for everyone. Look at your analytics to see where your traffic originates and deliver content based on your mobile traffic.

Search Engine Optimization

The Most Important Local Search Ranking Factors In 2016

Smart Local SEO Experts anywhere in the world, will tell you that a solid local search optimization or Local SEO strategy is essential for any local business in a competitive environment. Local search is changing fast. Google recently made a major change in how it lists local search results when a user types in a local search query.

Local SEO: setting up landing pages

If your business exists of one store or office it’s pretty easy for you. You just need one landing page. Do you have multiple locations? Then you should create separate landing pages for every single business you own, as well as an overview page of all your locations. Each landing page should at least show the name of your business, your address and a phone number. You can create a new page for that, in case of a single location.

How to Build a Keyword Strategy That Turbo-charges Your School's SEO

If you think planning and implementing an SEO strategy for your school is a luxury you can’t afford, you’re definitely not alone… but that doesn’t mean you’re 100% correct. Your school website has readily accessible information on applying, you’re active on social media, and you’ve invested in banner ads and print mailings to potential students—so why do you need to invest any more of your valuable time and effort to worry your online content?

Social Media

How to Use Facebook Notes for Marketing

Facebook Notes now lets profile owners ass a cover image, format text and resize photos, then share their notes with anyone. Facebook recently updated their Notes feature for personal profiles, so content creators are able to share long-form content. Facebook pages also have the option to add Notes, although the interface for pages has not yet been updated.

How to Ensure Your Social Media Content Meets FTC, FDA, and Google Requirements

By following a few simple guidelines, you can maintain transparency while producing brand-sponsored content that engages consumers. While the FTC monitors compliance with truth-in-advertising laws, your company must also work to stay abreast of regulations from other agencies and organizations (such as FDA and Google) when producing compensated content.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing: 3 Examples, Good and Bad

Sometimes the success of an email marketing campaign can boil down to how much it grabbed the attention of recipients. Events can create opportunities to let consumers know about a product or service you offer that they may not be aware of. Moreover, timing the email message can dramatically increase the attention it receives from recipients.

The Four Ghosts Still Haunting Email Marketing

In recent years, email has experienced quite an evolution — a seismic shift, made possible by innovation and astute strategies. There’s still a great misconception that email is easy to send. The truth is, the only thing easy about sending an email is the means of delivery. Right before hitting send, the marketing team spends significant time and energy drafting content, designing, coding, and QA’ing. The culmination of efforts that goes into creating one email is substantial.

Link Building


No matter how often Google updates their algorithm in an attempt to devalue back links, they remain an important factor. Many business owners look at link building as a time draining technical tactic, but it needn’t be. Depending upon the industry you’re in a handful of links from sites that Google has already determined authoritative can place your website on page one.

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