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Here we come again with our list of this week's best articles on digital marketing that we found across the Internet. These have been categorized into content marketing, social media, search engine optimization, email marketing and link building. Take a look at them and we are sure you will love going through them.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Articles of this Week: 25th November, 2016!

Content Marketing

What is the role of content marketing in an ad-free world?

In general, people consider ads as a necessary evil. That’s one of the reasons so many companies are relying on content marketing and its many iterations as a primary way to connect to consumers today. Our job as marketers is to provide customers, and potential customers, with “provocations” that allow opportunities to engage with the brand. Those provocations create awareness, interaction, and potentially loyalty and trust over time.

How to Differentiate Content in a Crowded Field [Example from Adidas]

Our audience is made up of creative, confident, and collaborative people who instinctively know that sport has the power to change lives. They strive to incorporate sport into everything they do — in work and in life. Our research shows our audience’s three big areas of interest are business, sport, and lifestyle; GamePlan A addresses the sweet spot among all three. You know content on GamePlan A is resonating because your engagement rates increased 150 percent, and the feedback you are getting has been very positive.

Search Engine Optimization

How to Make Your Content More Visible in Google with “Articles” Snippet

In the past few years, Google has been working hard to efficiently deliver search results to users. In particular, the search giant has introduced several new ways of a website markup that allow displaying content in so-called rich search results. One of them is the “Articles” microformat that creates informative content snippets.

SEO: What Google’s Mobile-first Index Means for Ecommerce

Google started experimenting with a mobile-first index two weeks ago, making the mobile ecommerce experience even more critical to natural search performance. But even more than shopping, search and mobile are inextricably intertwined. Most searchers on Google are mobile searchers, and, in many countries, Google is synonymous with search. To serve that majority of searchers better, Google is experimenting with using mobile sites as the content analyzed to determine rankings instead of desktop sites.

Search Friendly Copywriting: How to get results

Let’s say you think the world needs another Hot Topic (let’s not ask why). Well, you know your audience is going to be “young adults” between the ages of 15-19. You also know that they are going to listen to alternative and edgy music. This all looks kind of daunting. However, it gets easier with practice. Further, there’s no good way around it. Building an ideal customer profile is a crucial step in making your content search-engine friendly.

Social Media

7 Tips for Running a Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign

Taking the time to create and document your campaign strategy will help you think critically about your campaign goals, how you will execute tactics, and how you will measure success. In addition, your strategy can be used as a handy guide to keep you on track throughout the life of the campaign.

10 Facebook Marketing Tips for the Holiday Season

Before you utilize the power of Facebook, take the time to plan your promos and content. Looking to increase holiday sales? Make sure you know the key dates. Note the shopping holidays following Thanksgiving: Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, as well as Christmas, Chanukah, and other celebrations. To really stand out, be the first in your industry to start posting.

Email Marketing

5 Email Marketing Errors to Avoid This Holiday Season

Email marketing is crucial for most ecommerce retailers during the all-important holiday shopping season. But misuse of email can irritate subscribers. It can spur unsubscribes and greatly reduce the overall return of your email efforts. There are, however, two instances to be careful about. First, avoid sending multiple emails on the same day to the same person. Sending multiple marketing emails — versus transactional emails — in one day can backfire and create unsubscribes.

Who said Email Marketing is Passé?

Yes, it is true. Each of you find it irksome when you keep getting email notifications despite unsubscribing. Things get worse when you find a string of spammed emails from those sites you haven’t even subscribed to. Well, there is one thing you will all agree upon. When it comes to email marketing, not many have succeeded in finding a niche in its marketing strategy. And those who have, are still riding high on its open rate success.

Link Building

Proven Link Building Techniques – You’ll Curious To Know!

Nowadays, bloggers are very curious to know the link building techniques as this is the way to get thousands of visitors through SERP. White hat link building techniques last forever and black hat not more than two to four weeks. Many experts in industry say that link building is one of the way to rank our websites and blogs in SERP. Importance of Backlinks can’t be described in words as they are many.

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