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Here we come again with our list of this week's best articles on digital marketing that we found across the Internet. These have been categorized into content marketing, social media, search engine optimization, email marketing and link building. Have a look at them and we are sure you will love going through them.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Articles of this Week: 27th November, 2015!

Content Marketing

Search vs. Social Media: How Audience ‘Intent’ Can Affect Content Marketing Performance

You decided to create a piece of content for the brand. You used semantic research to find the topic and created content that is fun, valuable, and informative. Realistically, you have return-on-investment ambitions that the content will tick all three of these goals. But then you publish the content on your blog and amplify it across all your social media channels, and it goes nowhere.

Data: The Missing Piece in Your Content Marketing Strategy

Too few marketers truly use a data-driven content marketing strategy. Setting clear goals and using data as your guide ensures that you are developing the right type of content, getting it in front of the right audiences, and understanding its impact in a way that lets you continually optimize your strategy.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO: The Best URLs Contain Keywords

Most ecommerce sites that perform well in organic search have jumped on the keyword URL bandwagon. Optimizing URLs to contain keywords is good for search engine optimization and also helps consumers recognize the content they’ll see when they click a link from search results pages. Modern search engines can crawl any URL as long as it’s clearly linked to from another. Long URLs filled with many levels of directories and subdirectories, product and category numbers, and strings of parameters no longer represent technical challenges for search engines.

The 7 Best WordPress Sitemap Plugins for Busy Site Owners

Optimizing your organic search traffic is a critical task for any site owner so anything you can do to make it easier for search engines to find your content should be high on your priority list. Given the importance of sitemaps in the indexing of a site by search engines, it’s no surprise that the most popular SEO plugins for WordPress tend to include the ability to automatically generate sitemaps.


Google loves to keep search marketers on their toes. That means SEO best practices from just a few years ago could be detrimental to your website today, and that’s why keeping up to date with key changes is vitally important. Marketers will need to stay on top of local SEO with smart keywords and up-to-date Google maps information, as well as clever review acquisition strategy.

Social Media

How to use Pinterest Group Boards to drive traffic and increase engagement

Here's how you can effectively use Group Boards on Pinterest and leverage the social platform as a marketing channel, to increase engagement and drive traffic to brands' websites. Pinterest is a social networking site driven by visuals. With nearly 100 million users, more than 14 million articles are pinned every day. Whether you have Group Boards of your own or are an active participant or collaborators for other's Group Boards, you can begin to utilize them to drive referral traffic.


If you’re in business and you’re not harnessing the power of social media you need to jump on that bandwagon now. And you could be regularly posting to Facebook and Twitter, but if you’re not measuring how those social networks are working for you, and you’re not testing different approaches to maximize your results, you could be wasting valuable time.

Email Marketing

Why You Need to Build Your Email List Organically?

If you want to be effective with your email marketing, then make sure to focus on organically building your list. Organic list building not only gives you better results, but you will get a lot more emails delivered to your audience. If you send to a list of people who requested to receive your email, the likelihood of it going to an actual email address is higher.

How To Create A Free Email Challenge To Explode Your Email List

The first step to building your email list in any way – not just by creating a challenge – is to know who you are trying to attract. If you are thinking of creating a free challenge to build your email list and engage your readers, do some research. See what else is out there already. And then, using your knowledge of your audience, provide a different learning opportunity for your readers.

Link Building

6 steps to a successful link building strategy

Links are important for SEO. And link building should therefore definitely be part of your holistic SEO strategy. But more importantly, link building should be part of your growth strategy. Links should help generate traffic to your site directly. Backlinks will also help in getting more (referral) traffic to your site via those links.

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