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Here we come again with our list of this week's best articles on digital marketing that we found across the Internet. These have been categorized into content marketing, social media, search engine optimization, email marketing and link building. Take a look at them and we are sure you will love going through them.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Articles of this Week: 2nd September, 2016!

Content Marketing

How to Connect with a Hard-to-Reach Audience: A Niche Marketing Strategy

Does this sound familiar? You have a limited marketing budget, but you need to make meaningful connections with your target audience. Adding to the challenge is that your target audience is not known for its tech savvy. When trying to connect with a new-to-you audience, some risk-taking is necessary. But a point comes where you need to validate your efforts with results.

8 Incredibly Simple Ways to Get More People to Read Your Content

Your precious words, you know they’ve got to be right to attract the audience you want. Actually, the solution may be a lot easier than you expect. Writing less and styling your text so it’s easy to read could be all you need to do to attract and hold attention. Think about how you use the web. You’re in search of information. And if you don’t find it on the page you’re visiting, you click away and look elsewhere.

Search Engine Optimization

Top 5 Simple, Often Ignored Factors that Can Tremendously Impact Your SEO

When most businesses think about SEO, the obsession is usually about external factors and how these factors can influence search engine rankings. For example, some of the common things most businesses worry about are link building and social signals. While these factors are important, businesses give them more prominence than is necessary. Here are five often-ignored factors that can impact your SEO tremendously; either positively if you effectively implement them, or negatively if you completely ignore them.

6 essential types of SEO Tools for 2016

To compete with SEO, it's essential to have the best tools at your fingertips enabling you to find new opportunities, save time and keep track of how your SEO can be boosted. There are six essential types of tools for managing SEO, that are helpful. You will get a few information about them in this article. Keywords guide search engine users to your site, meaning how popular your site is, depends greatly on how well you utilized them.

12 video SEO tips to help improve your search rankings

Video is everywhere and this is both a blessing and a curse, especially if you are trying to stand out from the rest of the crowd at the top of search engine results pages. So consider the following video SEO tips to help put you ahead of the competition. As common as it may sound, your content should be relevant to your audience, adding value that will convince the users to dedicate the right time to watch your video.

Social Media

How to Easily Create a Facebook Loop Giveaway

Partnering with other businesses on a Facebook giveaway can help you build your fan base, while engaging your primary audience. A loop giveaway is an interactive way to gain followers or likes and increase brand awareness on Facebook. Keep in mind that businesses will be more likely to participate in loop giveaways with leaders who are organized and have well thought-out plans. So take some time to plan important details.

How to Link Instagram to Your Facebook Page in 6 Simple Steps

Before you move forward with your Instagram strategy, you'll want to connect these accounts. Sharing your posts with your company Facebook Page, rather than your personal profile, is just a matter of changing your settings – and it only requires six simple steps. Once you've linked Facebook to Instagram, you'll want to use your Share Settings to determine where on Facebook you'll be sharing Instagram posts.

Email Marketing


Email marketing is like a headed cabbage. It might seem like a simple concept, but it has many layers. In fact, the deeper you go into the email rabbit hole, the more you realize that there are more things you need to pay attention to and optimize than you had thought. Luckily, there is a very effective cure for that. If you organize your email marketing effectively, you’ll see the results right away: improved open rates, engaged subscribers, better conversion rate and higher ROI.

The Email Marketing Secret Nobody Talks About

From a marketing perspective, few online methods remain as powerful as building – and leveraging a large email list. The key, of course, is making sure your emails get opened and read to begin with! And this is where you will see very few marketers utilizing email as effectively as they could be. The key is coming up with an email subject line and a few opening sentences that really compel someone to want to open the email on their laptop or mobile device to read more.

Link Building

How To Acquire Competitor Backlinks For Your Site (4 Simple Steps)

When looking for ways to improve organic search engine rankings in just about any industry, the fact is that there are still only two primary ranking factors that search engines like Google give priority to: content and backlinks. Neither of these aspects of an SEO campaign are necessarily considered difficult to do. However, there seems to be a lot of confusion when it comes to identifying the best way to go about these two tactics, especially link building.

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