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Here we come again with our list of this week's best articles on digital marketing that we found across the Internet. These have been categorized into content marketing, social media, search engine optimization, email marketing and link building. Have a look at them and we are sure you will love going through them.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Articles of this Week: 3rd April, 2015!

Content Marketing

How a Good Content Strategy Can Repair Your "SEO Problem"

When things go wrong on a website, people often point fingers at technical or on-page SEO. Given the importance of organic search and the role SEO plays in that realm, it's only logical, right?

Using Key PR Messages in Content Creation for SEO

You may have lots of great content ideas but they don't quite deliver the maximum value to the client business. Or the client may have a PR campaign outside your control that doesn't deliver the boost to SEO that it could have. Having a simple framework for defining key messages and mapping them to the content you create can be really useful.

5 New Types of Content for the Future of Marketing

A good SEO strategy rests on the strength of its content. In the past that has meant a compelling article, likeable image, or viral video, but in the future there may be other types of content to consider. Savvy brands will keep an eye on the following five emerging content types to determine when it makes sense to integrate these new formats into their existing search campaign.

Social Media

How to Write an Article That Moves People on Social Media

There's no single formula for writing an article that will resonate with your social media audience, there are guidelines that can increase your chance of success. Here's a formula that's worked very well for my content team.

How to Sell Using Social Media Without Looking Pushy

Most users are not online for the sole purpose of shopping and, therefore, they must be persuaded in a different way. What does that mean for you? How do you "sell" through social media without causing your followers and friends to get tired of your overly aggressive tactics?

Search Engine Optimization

Understanding The Difference Between Queries And Keywords And What To Do About It

There is a difference between the terms “keyword” and “query”. A query is different from a keyword. This seems like a semantic and rather annoying little difference. In some ways, it is. But as search professionals, it helps to be informed about the difference, so we can better communicate with our clients, our service providers, and our team members. What’s more, knowing the difference between queries and keywords helps us to become better at our jobs as SEOs.

Old SEO vs. New SEO

SEO has changed drastically over the years and continues to evolve through new technology and the growth of social media. The reality is, SEOs relied too heavily on the shortcuts Google’s SPAM fighting team successfully diminished in effectiveness over the last few years. Rather than focusing on the shortcuts that lost effectiveness, I want to focus on the evergreen strategies and how they evolved.

Email Marketing

A New Rule of Thumb for Email Marketers: Your Results Will Vary

Data is disrupting email in one really sneaky way: It’s getting rid of "best practices." As analytics catch up with tactical planning and measurement, it’s getting easier to gather insight on smaller and smaller segments. We’re even learning how to parse and respond to individual behaviors and situational context, building triggered programs based on activity on other channels.

Everything Marketers Need To Know About Engagement-Based Spam Filtering

There has been a lot of confusion regarding what the top email providers actually measure when making these filtering decisions, and for good reason. Not all of the email providers use engagement filtering in the same way, and how engagement is defined is different for marketers and email providers.

Link Building

The Missing Link Building Tip For Local SEO

Content marketing is so prevalent nowadays, but it seems that many business owners are still confused when they actually try it. Remember: Creating content is not content marketing. The content is only the first step — you have to go market that content for it to be effective. While this should be clear from the name of the tactic, far too many businesses forget the second half of the equation.

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