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Here’s the list of some of the most educative and interesting articles that we found across the web this week. Go through them and explore the best in content marketing, search engine optimization, link building, social media and email marketing.

Content Marketing

  • What People Probably Hate Most About Your Blog Posts

    If you are blogging just because all others are, you need to think again. It is important that you understand your audience so that they come back to you for more. Read this list of some common blogging mistakes that your readers might actually be hating.

  • Content Marketing Personalization: When and How to Use it

    A piece of advice by the team at Content Marketing Institute, on how you can implement content personalization successfully. Personalization in content marketing might be difficult, but this article can make it slightly easier for you.

Social Media

  • Social Proof: Your Key to More Magnetic Marketing

    How generating and sharing social proof through social networks can increase the chances of your brand discovery and add to its influence? Know what are some of the most effective social proof strategy.

Search Engine Optimization

  • How to Configure Google Analytics to Get Actionable Data

    A guide to Google Analytics, for cleaner data, better organization and goals. This article covers features at the Account, Property, and View levels in the Google Analytics setup that you should be reviewing and using to make sure that the right data is collected.

Email Marketing

  • The Secret of Email Marketing Success

    If done rightly, email marketing can improve ROI drastically. If you have doubts regarding what you can do to boost your email marketing campaign, the answer lies here for you.

Link Building

  • 8 Small Tweaks that Can Deliver Big Link Building Results

    Go through this list of some small changes that you should incorporate in your existing link building strategy and make the big difference. Nothing much to do, just minute tweaks to keep your strategy fresh throughout the year.

  • Implied Links, Brand Mentions and the Future of SEO Link Building

    The way Google sees links and uses them in its ranking algorithm is evolving continuously. This in turn can influence the visibility of all sites across the web. This article explains how link building is changing and how you should adjust your SEO strategy for this change.

We hope you liked reading these informative articles and learned something new from them. If you came across other interesting articles while browsing the internet this week, please share them with us in the comments section below.

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