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The session featured a great mix of SEO experts who revealed some crucial tools in the SEO process. Over 40 tools were uncovered and laid out for all to see. A riveting session that was informative as well as interesting.


  • Joe Laratro


  • Todd Malicoat, Independent Marketing Consultant, Meta4creations, LLC
  • Rand Fishkin, CEO of SEOMoz
  • Jessie Stricchiola, Founder & CEO of Alchemist Media, Inc.

The session was initiated by Todd Mailcoat, who uncovered 30 different tools for the SEO process. The list included tools for browsers, domain servers, keywords, competitive research, rank checking, backlink checking, on page optimization, spidering and for fixing duplicate content. Here's a comprehensive list of the tools covered by him:

Browser tools:

  • The User Agent Switcher for Mozilla Firefox.
  • The SearchStatus Firefox Plugin. It shows backlinks and what all has been indexed. Also checks the age of domains and all the different backlinks.
  • Espion for header checking. It gives check for 301s, status and other relevant information. Another one is Live header.
  • You can use the free system 'Siteuptime' in order to test every few minutes whether your site is up or down.
  • A number of useful paid and free tool sets are available at DomainTools bookmarklet. The tools offer historical WHOis and also give information on the IP address as well as nameservers.
  • One can obtain major keyword information through tools, such as WordTracker, and the SEOBook KW tool.

Tools for Competitive Information

  • SEOBOOK SEO for Firefox. Make sure that you don't limit the number of queries. It is extremely suitable for obtaining competitive intelligence within the search results. You can also check the age of the site as well as the Yahoo! inbound links.
  • SpyFu ( is undoubtedly one of the best if not the best tool for competitive information. One can get an idea of what AdWords keywords the competitors is bidding on. It also gives the cost metrics.
  • You can get a subscription service at Get an idea on who's getting maximum search results.

Rank Checker Tools

  • Caphyon Advanced Web Ranking is a good rank checking tool. It provides with simple and easy to understand automated reports.

Tools for BackLink Checking

  • Link Harvester is a good free tool for Backlink checking.
  • Hub Finder gives you links that you and your competitors have in common.
  • Internet Marketing Ninjas tools are also very effective. The tool shows both internal as well as internal link juice on a page by page basis, hence giving you an insight into redistribute link equity.
  • The SoloSEO Toolset is a project management software that costs $29.00 per month.

Some Spidering Tools

  • Xenu's broken link report shows 404 and other errors on the page.
  • Roboform is also a good paid tool. Costs $40.00 for 2 copies, but it logs in every single tool from whatever tool you're on, thereby saving hours and hours for you.
  • The JingProjectScreenCapture tool is pretty much a free version of Cantasia.
  • You can detect scrapers and copyright violations with the tool CopyScape.
  • The tool DupeCop is useful in testing content.

The next speaker of the session was Rand Fishkin, who gave six more amazing tools, namely:

  • SEO Automatic Tool – The tool gives a look at some of the common page optimization factors and offers some crucial recommendations.
  • DaveN’s Keyword Density Tool – It analyzes keyword occurrence on a particular page and also surfs as Googlebot.
  • Blogpulse – The tool tracks millions of blog feeds and provides a good insight at what are the bloggers discussing as well as the current trends of phrases.
  • LinkfromDomain Command @ ( You can use the tool to seems where all is one particular site linking itself to.
  • The Historical PageRank Lookup from SEOmoz tools is a good tool to detect the PageRanks
  • The Linkscape SEOMoz ( is a good tool that shows metrics on link as well as the score mozrank on the domain level and the URL level.

Since Jessie Stricchiola was not attending the session, Andy Beal acted as a fill in and further recommended some useful tools.

  • One can get some comprehensive keyword research tools at The cost is also quite reasonable as well. ($90 for an SEO firm)
  • SEO Link Analysis – The tool can provide valuable information, such as PageRank for the linking pages, anchor texts used on the link. It also checks whether the link is nofollowed.
  • Google Webmaster Central
  • – Th tool shows the URLs of the link sources, the PageRank, as well as nofollow or not.
  • – A paid tool at $12 that automates some basic SEO functions as well as issues.
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