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Now it's easier to design a mobile friendly website which upgrades automatically with each update made to the Facebook page. Wondering how? The one-click site builder launched by Otonomic uses the content on a brand's Facebook page to design a fabulous, mobile friendly website that auto-updates whenever you add new content to the Facebook page. And all this can be done with just a single click. All you have to do is type in your brand's Facebook page name and Otonomic does the rest for you in less than 20 seconds.

Turn Your Facebook Page Into Mobile Compatible Website with New Otonomic Tool!

More than 20,000 brands have already used Otonomic's beta platform to create sites till now. The new tool is designed basically for the small businesses. Omri Allouche, founder and CEO of Otonomic said, "We want to make the small business owner successful, in control, and empowered. We help them reach a higher level of online marketing and branding by highlighting their unique offering.” Some of the features of Otonomic which can be of help for businesses are:

  • Business owners can design or create a website without having any knowledge about programming or HTML codes. They don't even need to write new content as the new tool will do it for them in just a single click.
  • The websites designed are mobile, tablet and web friendly.
  • Businesses can also capitalize on leads generated through their website by adding online stores to their websites, apart from a blog, photo gallery and video player.
  • The new tool draws customer reviews and relevant content from the Facebook page of the business to help them design the perfect website.

Businesses can add additional keywords if they want and they can also have access to a SEO specialist. Otonomic has kept the basic websites free of cost with premium services ranging from $4 to $30 monthly. Otonomic is backed by $1 million in funding from well-known technology investors, including RDSeed, Zohar Gilon, Amit Gilon, and Tal Barnoach.

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