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Conversions, page views, bounce rates, referrals, click through rates- you just can't avoid Google Analytics when it comes to measuring your website performance. But the data, graphs and charts might turn out to be gobbledygook when they can't be easily accessed and understood. The data analytics technology company Narrative Science, has come up with a fast and free solution, Quill Engage, to transform the incoherent statistics into easy to read reports.

Quill Engage is a free application that automatically analyzes and converts Google Analytics facts and figures into legible reports in plain English. It allows businesses and organizations to make better decisions about user involvement and participation in their content. By providing a quick analysis of marketing data and the factors influencing the site's performance, the tool enables marketers to improve their marketing campaigns

The new application delivers a weekly or monthly report to the users, which is very much similar to the one written by a professional analyst. The report generated by the software includes performance drivers and recommendations. It also incorporates key metrics like content engagement, traffic and traffic sources, referrals, paid searches, and audience segmentation.

Stuart Frankel, the CEO of Narrative Science said in a release announcing his company’s new analytics application,

“Organizations of every size struggle with getting true insight and actionable information from their website data. Quill Engage provides instant analysis in the form of easy-to-read, written reports that empower people to do their jobs better.”

With Quill Engage now, users don't have to worry about deciphering Google Analytics and they can devote more time on improving their website rather than interpreting data. The software is built on the artificial intelligence platform of  Narrative Science called Quill™. It can be accessed for free at

Founded in 2010, Narrative Science helps organizations automatically analyze and convert figures and numbers into natural language reports. The company assists businesses in understanding their campaign performance, traffic measurement and potential advertising.

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Navneet Kaushal
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Navneet Kaushal
Navneet Kaushal
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