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Twitter now enables advertisers to target Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts in languages that their audience understand. Rolled out yesterday, the new language targeting is available in 20 different languages. While users can see most relevant ads in their own language, advertisers can see language specific analytics. The targeting is available to all advertisers globally and through the Ads API.

Twitter Introduces Language Specific Targeting for Promoted Tweets and Accounts in 20 Different Languages

According to Twitter, language targeting will help those marketers who want to reach more and more audience with language specific messaging. Moreover, it will also be useful for those marketers who live in a country in which a large part of the population speaks more than one language. For instance, if you want to promote tweets to Spanish speaking soccer fans during the World Cup, you can use Spanish language targeting to reach the right audience anywhere on the globe.

In addition, advertisers can also use language targeting along with Twitter's other powerful targeting options based on interest, keyword, gender, geography or tailored audience segments. Exemplifying, Twitter said, “A travel brand that wants to reach Spanish-speaking travelers in the U.S. can combine U.S. geo-targeting, travel-category interest targeting and Spanish language targeting to effectively connect with their target audience.”

Twitter confirmed in a blog post that it uses different signals to identify the user’s language. These signals include the language selected by you in your profile settings apart from the languages that match the user’s activity on Twitter. In case Twitter finds you to be multilingual, it can also target you by multiple languages.

Other social networking platforms have had the language specific targeting for quite a long time, so Twitter's development is not actually groundbreaking. Instead, Twitter should have actually offered the option to advertisers long before. As of now, the feature seems great, but how well it works is yet to be seen.

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