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Twitter has announced that it is beginning to introduce two new features that will make it easier to discover products and places.

So, the next time you happen to see a tweet recommendation regarding a product to buy or a place to visit, it may might be embedded with one of these new product and place pages.

These pages will inculcate rich media about the place or the product being recommended, like pictures and videos, along with some important information like description, price and also a link to purchase the product or book a reservation.

The relevant tweets from the accounts you follow along with the news updates or the popular content related to the place or product will also be included in these pages.

Since it is an experiment, these pages are being rolled out in small numbers and currently, are only available to be used by the selected brands and influencers.

Curated Collections of Products and Places

Twitter is also experimenting with the curated collections of the new product and places pages, that goes hand-in-hand with those pages. In order to give users an idea of what they are like, Twitter has invited a small group of influencers to create the collections.

A new button labeled “Brose Collection” is present on the profile pages of curators to access the collections, using either the web client, iOS app, or the Android app.

According to Twitter, this is the first in a series of the similar tests that are scheduled to be rolled out in the upcoming months.

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