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After introducing creative ad units like the lead generation cards and measurement tools like conversion tracking, Twitter has added yet another ad unit to its deck- Website Card. With the new feature, advertisers can surface website content within a tweet and drive qualified traffic to any page of their website.

Twitter Launches the New Website Card for Marketers to Increase Traffic and Conversion

With the Website Card, users can find interesting content and marketers can drive more URL clicks, since users can preview an image, related context and a call to action button in their timeline before clicking on it. Businesses can use the Website Card to draw relevant traffic at the right time. As indicated in the image above, any business say a coffee house, can use the ad unit to target relevant audience with a little latte art and an option to read more. Twitter explained in a blog post, “The card can also be used in conjunction with conversion tracking to measure the end-to-end conversion from a Tweet engagement or impression to a lower-funnel action, like a signup or purchase.”

Twitter experimented the website card with a few brands like Citrix and Betabrand. During the testing period, the campaigns of these companies saw a decrease in cost-per-click rates (CPC) as compared to those campaigns that used an image and URL to drive website traffic. While Betabrand saw a fall of 85% in the CPC, Citrix saw a 92% decrease. UK based mobile company, Three, saw a growth of 26% in engagement rate and an increase of 64% in URL clicks. This shows that with Website Card it is easier to draw relevant traffic directly to the website.

Users can log in to the Cards Manager section of their Twitter Ads account to create a Website Card. Twitter has also provided a detailed insight on how to get started with the Website Card in its Help Center article. The website card has been rolled out to all desktop and mobile users.

Twitter Launches the New Website Card for Marketers to Increase Traffic and Conversion!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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