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Twitter has announced that it will now offer translations of tweets in over 40 languages. It has been a long running experiment of Twitter with Bing Translator. The feature has been activated for desktop platform and iOS and Android devices. It also remains active on the Windows Phone platform.

Tweets that are not in the users native language will be displayed with a globe on the upper-right-hand corner of the tweet. Clicking or tapping on the globe will activate the translator which works for more than 40 languages. (Just apparently not Klingon. The Star Trek language is supported by Bing).

Twitter Will Now Offer Tweets In Multiple Translations

Twitter has been experimenting with Bing Translations since February 2012 and briefly rolled out for iOS and Android apps in advance of the 2014 FIFA World Cup (obvious target for multi-language discourse). But in August it pulled it back. However, Twitter’s association with Bing Translate never faltered on one Windows Phone. Appropriately, the Microsoft device’s Twitter app has had the feature since June of 2013, as Daniel Rubino, editor in chief of Windows Central said.

This move fulfills the often stated goal of Twitter to be the world’s public square. Bing Translations are not perfect. But they do provide decent rough meaning. Twitter notes on their support page for the feature that “the results still vary and often fall below the accuracy and fluency of translations provided by a professional translator. For this reason, the original text is always displayed above its translation.”

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