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With Google+ launching Pages for Business and Facebook working on better marketing features for fan pages, Twitter does not want to be left behind. The company has launched 'enhanced profile pages'. This release is a part of New Twitter that was rolled in recently.

What Are These Enhanced Profile Pages?
As per Twitter, these enhanced profile pages have been designed to help marketers create exciting pages for their brands. Initially 21 brands have these enhanced profile pages. Quoting Twitter here, “We are thrilled to launch the new enhanced profile page exclusively with 21 advertising partners and select charities and individuals. See how these brands are taking flight with their enhanced profile pages: @AmericanExpress, @BestBuy, @bing, @chevrolet, @CocaCola, @Dell, @DisneyPixar, @generalelectric, @Heineken, @HP, @intel, @JetBlue, @Kia, @McDonalds, @nikebasketball, @NYSE_Euronext, Paramount Pictures' Mission: Impossible – @GhostProtocol, @pepsi, @Staples, @subwayfreshbuzz, and @VerizonWireless.”

What Will These Enhanced Pages Do?
With better features, Twitter has made it easy for brands to interact with the users. As a marketer, you can firmly establish your brand name with a large header image for displaying your logo, tagline, and any other images.

Parallel to Facebook's landing page, is the Top Tweet. This Top Tweet will be the first thing visitors will see when they will arrive at your profile page. You can use this Tweet to highlight your most engaging and important content and make a engaging first connect with the target audience.

This Tweet will be blown, and auto expanded on your profile page. This ensures that visitors to your page will instantly see the photo or video content you have linked from the Top Tweet.

You can customize your enhanced profile page as you like with the colors, logo and messaging.

See What The Chosen Few Have Used As Top Tweets:

Promote Upcoming Events and Launches– You can use the Top Tweet to inform visitors about upcoming launches and products and service. This is a great way to arouse users' interest with a hint of something new coming up.

Disney-Pixar have placed as Top Tweet the trailer for their upcoming movie "Brave."

Twitter Disney

Public Interest And Entertainment Posts– People can sometimes feel suffocated with brands indulging in constant promotion. That is why, it is advised to tap in on the 'human element' and promote holiday events and other public and general interest things as a 'Top Tweet'.

The Coca-Cola page has a "Shake Up Christmas" holiday music video as its Top Tweet. Perfect according to the brand's tagline of having light hearted fun with Coca Cola.

Twitter Coke

To Help People Understand Your Brand– Let your followers in. Tell them who you are and what you do. A restaurant can post the recipe of one of its famous dishes, while a clothing brand can post few fashion insights from their designers.

The General Electric page has posted as Top Tweet, a video to help consumers understand what the company produces.

Twitter GE

Capture User Interest With Contests– People love contests specially if the prize is a good one. To entice people to follow your brand, you can post the link of a contest you are running as Top Tweet.

The Heineken page has a bottle design contest promotion as the Top Tweet.

Twitter Heineken

Attract Users With Interesting Photos and Videos– Posting interesting images and videos are a sure shot way of capturing the users' attention and lure them to explore more. Post viral images and videos to cash in on their popularity and make users follow you.

The Hewlett-Packard page has an interesting image posted as the Top Tweet.

Twitter HP

Explore the 21 brands to see how they are using the enhanced profile pages and apply the same to your page. What do you think of this move by Twitter? Do share your views.

Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal

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Navneet Kaushal
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