Twitter Rolls Out “Official Partner Program” To Lure Businesses!

Jun 2, 2015 | 1,688 views | by Navneet Kaushal
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Called as the Twitter Official Partner Program now, Twitter today has announced the rebranding of its how-to-use-Twitter-for-marketing program. The program amalgamates the Twitter Certified Program and the Twitter Marketing Partner Program.

What it essentially means is that the businesses that seek third-party help with their Twitter campaigns and strategy have a new link to bookmark. And also a new search page that provides them necessary assistance in the process of finding a Twitter partner with the specific expertise they seek.

According to Twitter, it certifies the partners on the basis of their “high-quality products or expert-level services and proven success on Twitter” in eight competencies: engagement, content curation and display, analytics, consulting and agency services, ad technology, audience data, audience on-boarding and ad measurement.

Twitter said that among the business goals, the partners can help with:

  1. Gain deep insight. Use a Twitter Official Partner powered by the Twitter Official Partner to effectively measure your brand’s performance and also identify the marketing and consumer rights.
  2. Increase the campaign performance. The Twitter Official Partners can help you manage, scale and measure the campaign performance to ensure you attain your objectives.
  3. Market more efficiently. The Twitter Official Partners can also assist you to manage

Twitter has also announced that IBM is the first consultancy partner to join the program. Twitter and IMB have trained more than 10,000 IMB employees on Twitter data and analytics best practices.

According to IBM’s global leader of the big data and analytics Glenn Finch in a Twitter blob post, “We believe in the trans-formative power of Twitter data for businesses, and are excited to be a Twitter Official Partner. With our deep industry and technology expertise, we’re prepared to help the modern enterprise capture the knowledge of social data and turn it into actionable results.”

Twitter Rolls Out “Official Partner Program” To Lure Businesses!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
1.thumbnail Twitter Rolls Out “Official Partner Program” To Lure Businesses!
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1.thumbnail Twitter Rolls Out “Official Partner Program” To Lure Businesses!
1.thumbnail Twitter Rolls Out “Official Partner Program” To Lure Businesses!