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Twitter announced the release of its first official WordPress Plugin, enabling the WordPress publishers to have an easier access to a host of Twitter’s features and functionality.

The plugin gives publishers the ability to:

  1. Twitter Cards

    Twitter Rolls Out First Official WordPress Plugin!

    Twitter Cards extend Twitter’s 140 character-display with thumbnail images, headlines and subheads, this plugin will automatically generate Twitter Cards for your webpages to highlight your content shared on Twitter.

  2. Twitter Analytics

    Associate your site and author Twitter accounts to track your content’s popularity on Twitter and grow your audience.

  3. Embedded Tweets and Videos

    Include and embedded tweet on your website to match your site design. You can choose widget theme, link color and border color. They have also included support for video embeds to highlight video content on Twitter.

    Twitter Rolls Out First Official WordPress Plugin!

  4. Tweet Buttons-

    These buttons can be added to posts which are configured to include URL, site and author accounts. They can also be customized to share text and hashtags that are specific to a particular post.

  5. Follow Button

    Convert visitors into followers by adding follow buttons on every page. They can be added both within the WordPress theme’s widget area and adjacent to author information.

  6. Twitter Advertising

    The following plugin simplifies conversion tracking and creating a tailored audience with a WordPress macro.

  7. Base Library

    To this Twitter said on their official blog, “We created this plugin to serve the common needs of most modern publishers while allowing for extensibility and WordPress API integrations by other WordPress plugins or site-specific customizations. The plugin is globally available in 28 languages. If you’re a PHP or WordPress developer interested in learning more, our full plugin code, including underlying PHP libraries, is available on GitHub under the MIT license.”

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