Mar 4, 2015 113 reads by Ritu Sharma

Twitter is experimenting with the new analytics feature for individual tweets on Twitter, allowing access to snapshot of how Tweets are performing.

Certain users have witnessed the new addition, a bar graph flashing right next to the standard action icons on their Twitter timelines. Here is how it is in Matt McGee’s (@mattmcgee) tweet:-

Twitter Testing New Analytics Feature For Individual Tweets!

However, it is also noted that others are not seeing the extra icon on their timelines, but can access the analytics for individual tweets by opening the tweet detail page and clicking on View Tweet activity. Either the option leads to pop-up box featuring the variety of useful statistics, including total views, total engagement and, if applicable, total photo or video views, clicks on links and other metrics.

Such information is already imparted on the Twitter analytics dashboard, but featuring it to user’s timeline and tweet detail pages makes it more convenient and makes it more likely to be used.

Twitter has also been testing tweet-level analytics on mobile devices since late last year. Users of the iOS and Android apps can view tweet activity from the tweet detail page, as this screen shot from Twitter’s support site shows:

Twitter Testing New Analytics Feature For Individual Tweets!

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