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Here is a good news for brands and advertisers in the UK. Twitter has launched a tool making use of its collated ‘Everyday Moments’ data that will show where, when and how often do people interact when talking about certain topics.

For example, you might want to check out the discussion among tea and coffee drinkers or see how many people around the nation are cribbing about traffic delays.

Twitter Unveils Data Visualization Tool for Its Everyday Moments in the UK
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The tool is simple to use, all you need to do is choose from 80 preset topics from the left-hand bar. Move the slider at the bottom of the screen to see the volume as well as the geographical location of those tweets at different times in the week. The most popular tweets on a Saturday night will obviously be about ‘pizza’, ‘chips’ and ‘burgers’.

While the tool is accessible all over the world but you will find data only from the UK currently.

The tool is mainly aimed at marketers who are looking for better insight into potential brand and community interaction opportunities.

Twitter Unveils Data Visualization Tool for Its Everyday Moments in the UK!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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