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Marking its debut on Unruly’s list of most shared brands, Activia has reached number 1 as the most shared brand of 2014 riding high on the success of the famous songstress Shakira’s “La La La” video. Marketing technology firm Unruly has ranked the top 10 most shared brands of the year linked to each brand’s total number of social shares for for shared video ads during the year. Earlier, the company had also shared the top 20 most shared video ads this year. The World Cup this year proved to be advantageous for numerous brands. Following the launch of World Cup themed ad campaigns, Activia, Samsung, Nike, Coca Cola and Adidas earned top spots on the list of most shared brands released by Unruly.

Unruly’s Top 10 Most Shared Brands of 2014

  1. Activia (5,851,633 shares)
  2. Samsung (4,301,989 shares)
  3. Nike (3,844,268 shares)
  4. Coca-Cola (3,357,945 shares)
  5. NBA (3,110,160 shares)
  6. Budweiser (3,100,944 shares)
  7. GoPro (2,863,293 shares)
  8. Adidas (2,852,945 shares)
  9. Pepsi (2,413,830 shares)
  10. Electronic Arts (2,362,152 shares)

While this year marks the debut of Activia as a number one brand on this list, repeated brands to make it to this list in previous years include Pepsi, Budweiser and Samsung. Brands that were part of the list last year, but not this year included Dove, Red Bull, Kmart, Cornetto and GEICO. Rolled out prior to the World Cup, the Activia ad featured many World Cup athletes in support of the WFP or World Food Program.

With a record 5.8 million shares, Activia is not only the most shared brand, but the “La La La” video has edged out Volkswagen’s “The Force” for attaining the status of being the most shared video ad for all times.

Unruly Lists Top 10 Most Shared Brands of 2014 with Activia Holding the No.1 Position!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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