Vanessa Fox Gives Some Important Answers

Dec 8, 2006 | 2,563 views | by Navneet Kaushal
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SEO expert of, Rand Fishkin as a guest interviewer made Vanessa Fox clarify many important issues relating to duplicate content, XML and simple text, OAI-PMH and other important topics. But the focal point of the interview was Vanessa  clearing the doubts about conflict between sitemaps and other  SEO methods. She said “[Google] Sitemaps doesn’t impact your ranking at all… it helps with the very first obstacle of learning about all of your pages.” It can help in getting good ranks but will not provide them.

Clarifying the difference between  Google Toolbar’s pagerank and Google Webmaster Tool’s she answers “[Webmaster Tools] is a little more accurate, a little more up-to-date… the Toolbar pageranking doesn’t get updated quite as often, of course it’s only one factor. I feel like people get really hung-up on the Toolbar pagerank. People probably spend a little more energy on it than they need to.”

Watch the video of the interview.

4.thumbnail Vanessa Fox Gives Some Important Answers

Navneet Kaushal

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4.thumbnail Vanessa Fox Gives Some Important Answers
4.thumbnail Vanessa Fox Gives Some Important Answers