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Producing video content? There are video search engines that specialize in gathering up your video and making it available to searchers seeking such content. This session looks at how to make your video more visible in these specialized services.


  • Sapna Satagopan, Associate Analyst, JupiterResearch


  • Gregory Markel, Founder/President, Infuse Creative, LLC
  • Jeremy Clem, Sr. Program Manager, Natural Search, Performics
  • Sherwood Stranieri, Search Marketing Director, Catalyst online
  • Stephen Baker, Chief Revenue Officer, Everyzing

Sherwood Stranieri makes his second appearance as speaker at SES, San Jose 2007, following yesterday's discussion on Universal & Blended Vertical Search!.

Stranieri says the purpose of this discussion is to look at online video and how it effects search. A presentation informs that YouTube's share was more than that of the next 64 video sites. Stranieri has some strategies that will benefit different industries:

Video for Content Providers-

  • Bloggers to television networks can use videos to attract more visitors.
  • Teaser strategy: Upload a few videos to portals like YouTube; provide links back to related videos on your site.
  • The goal is to get them back to your Web site to view ads and explore your other content.
  • Video search engine optimization is a key element in establishing “” and viral-driven linking helps that.
  • As videos now appear in Google’s Universal Search. Video SEO is now mainstream SEO.

Video for Pharmaceutical companies-

  • Not too much fun but not uninteresting either. As for eg: Discovery channel
  • On-site strategy doesn't have to dovetail with portal strategy
  • Interviews with patients make the drug more real, more trustworthy
  • You can use videos on newsworthy topics like AIDS, flu, outbreaks, fad diets, etc.
  • Animations of how the drug works (cool site potential at Digg, etc).

Video for e-Commerce

  • Follow the buzz and promote your hottest products
  • Showcase anticipated uses
  • Demo high-tech products
  • If you sell high power tools
  • If you sell cars show test drives
  • A famous example of using video for e-Commerce is the 'iPhone Will It Blend video'
  • Keep it entertaining
  • YouTube is not a tradeshow.
  • Even if your product is dull create an exciting video
  • BlendTec destroys an iPhone: 1.7 million views.
  • Digg, Slashdot, MakeZine, and Gizmodo love weird/unusual videos.

Video for Consumer Packaged Goods

  • Who wants to see a video about laundry detergent?
  • Be choosy and get creative
  • Most videos (Mentos and Diet coke) are famous by accident
  • Videos with millions of viewers rival ads on television
  • Popular videos become a positive and permanent addition to brand equity
  • Be imaginative and find ways to demonstrate the value of your products in an entertaining way

Up next, Jeremy Clem from Performics sheds some light on the opportunities available in video. Consider the possibilities:

  • In May itself, 75 % American internet users viewed approximately 158 minutes online videos.
  • US Internet users watched more than 8.3 billion video streams.
  • 72 % viewed news online while 76 % helped drive The Viral Chain i.e. passed it to friends.

These days, of the share of the US users, 49 % are watching YouTube videos, 12 % are viewing MySpace videos while 5 % are viewing Google Videos. The important factor is that viewers are using search engines to search videos and not directly going to the source.

Obstructions facing video SEO is that search still relies on the text page of the video's related website. Also video technology is not crawler-friendly. Take a cue from CNBC video and surround your videos with HTML. Use social bookmarking tools that will help in the visibility of the videos.

Keeping your video content at one place off the root directory helps in providing easy access to search engine crawlers.

Use a video site map

RSS feeds

Tag videos with specific keywords, even if it means tagging each scene.

Position your trademark logo in the video.

Best Practices for video optimization

  • Train editors to think like video searchers
  • Encode for the ride keywords
  • Use keywords in filename
  • One video per URL
  • Add tagging
  • Keep video files in one directly
  • Surround video with on page relevant text
  • Crosslink to videos using keywords in anchor text
  • Create an optimized video site map
  • Upload videos to search engines
  • Add informative Meta data
  • Allow video files to be embedded and include a logo

Next to discuss video SEO is Gregory Markel the Founder/President of Infuse Creative, LLC.

According to Gregory the three basic approaches to video search engine optimization types are:

  1. Video Files Metadata Optimization: Talking the source video file and infusing it with your keyword triggers in the Title, Description, and Keywords tags. Make sure your content is feature on its own page with relevant surrounding text and properly embedded link elements.
  2. Upload Optimization: Most popular. These type of video search engines required that your upload your video search files. Add a social flair by getting your “friends” to submit or vote for you on the social media sites.
  3. RSS Optimization: Submit your video to RSS.

Use, a video portal which has a free standardized upload system. Gregory calls this a 'one-stop universal upload shop'. It has all the basics on views, news, comments, ratings etc.

All your video metadata should be keyword rich. Ensure your audio files too are audible and targeted as ow-a-days some video search engines use optical character recognition and search recognition.

Next up is Stephen Baker who starts by introducing his company, Everyzing.

Basically, search engine algorithm does not really have a history of indexing multimedia files etc. It is vital that for video SEO that one makes a transcript of the content. In this manner, one can give search engine crawlers a big amount of "aboutness" of this file. Transcripts, it should be known are crawler friendly and its pages have quality content.

SOURCE: Bruce Clay

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