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This session of SMX New York 2011 Day 3 is on the topic “Video Search Success Stories”. In this session, eminent panelists discusses various case studies, shares tips and tactics for gaining the most leverage from your online video assets. The panelists also discusses about other opportunities for marketers seeking to touch customers via online video like YouTube.


  • Chris Silver Smith, Director of Optimization Strategies, KeyRelevance

Q&A Moderator:

  • William Leake, CEO, Apogee Results (@marketing_bill)


  • Kristjan Hauksson, Director of Search & Online Communications, Nordic eMarketing (@optimizeyourweb)
  • Arnie Kuenn, President, Vertical Measures (@ArnieK)
  • Jeff Martin, Director of Search Marketing, TouchStorm (@Jeff_Martin)
  • Manny Rivas, Online Marketing Account Manager, aimClear (@mannyrivas)

The first speaker of this session was Jeff Martin, Director of Search Marketing, TouchStorm who begins by talking about YouTube Keyword Research. He says that on YouTube, people never watch just one video? They rather get caught up in related video watching after their initial YouTube search and watch buckets! According to Jeff, keywords are very important to show up with related videos, in the YouTube search results and then in the Google/Bing blended results. He says, “You have to win YouTube before you can win organic”.

Where not to go for Keyword Research:

  • YouTube’s keyword targeting tool – there is not enough data
  • Your typical tools because organic search is different than video search
  • Need to discover QDV (Query Deserves Video)

Jeff further says that looking at YouTube suggest vs. Google suggest will help in discovering video search phrases better. Besides, you should, take a look at YouTube Insight snapshot data to see what videos likes yours are already ranking for. These insights are like Google analytics for YouTube. He states, “Remember to turn this off for your own videos, but use others that are available for insights”. Search those terms on Bing and Google and see what video results show.

Ranking Factors:

  • Specific Optimization of the keyword phrase in title and snippet,
  • Age of Videos: Not just as a factor but as a benchmark for the velocity that videos gain their views and engagement.
  • Of Views: As a factor and a means to engagement/sharing

Engagement ranking factors to look at to evaluate other videos:

  • Total of likes and dislikes compared to views
  • Like ratio (likes/(likes + dislikes))
  • Of favorites
  • Of comments

Next in line was Arnie Kuenn, President, Vertical Measures who begins by saying that “Videos are not as hard as you think – make them fun, have an interview, or record a webinar”. She says, you dont have to cost buckets for your videos rather can go viral provided you are ready to take a risk.

Think: BlendTec
After you have keyword research, idea generation:

  • What is trending on Twitter, Yahoo and MSN
  • Answer sites: Yahoo Answers, Quora, LinkedIn or Facebook – answer their questions
  • Check Digg, StumbleUpon, and Reddit for your industry. What are users engaging with?
  • Check Google Discussions in Search (left side where you can select news or blogs)

The third speaker of the session Manny Rivas, from aimClear took the floor then. He begin by saying that Videos, Images, News, Discussions, Places and Shopping are all now competing in search results. This is something most of us know, but Manny wants to take things further by saying that,

“Universal video results have 41% higher CTR than plain text links creating increased discover ability”.

She suggests to upload videos in every possible places like Google, Bing, Metacafe, Yahoo Video, YouTube, and Daily Motion. Manny also said for video distribution, you should go back to optimize those other videos for a wider set of keywords. This will in turn help you in capturing more of the audience, however it’s not that sophisticated yet.

Manny shares by saying that, Bing pulls from YouTube almost exclusively; however Daily Motion and Metacafe are small segments what Bing pulls in, so it’s worth the effort to add them there as well. According to her, “Ranking in the platforms help rank in Universal SERPs”!

Top TakeAways from Manny's discussion:
Keyword Intent Results:

  • Transactional phrases like “buy it now” do not work.
  • Informational keywords work. “How to” and “tutorials” are great concepts to create video. He mined Google suggest in an alpha pattern (similar to Facebook targeting I mentioned in a previous SMX post)
  • Navigational had an okay presence.

The penultimate speaker of this session was Kristjan Hauksson, Nordic eMarketing. To discuss his views and examples on “Video Search Success Stories”, he used the POST method to identify opportunities:

  • People
  • Objectives
  • Strategy and
  • Technology

He shared a video promoting Iceland and asked us to distribute and promote your video. Further, he says that, for a well-made video there could be a direct media impact. The “Inspired by Iceland” video was distributed all over the web and played a major role in influencing their audience. He said by focusing on a multichannel approach, you will be able to hold visibility for very strong search terms and the video can be part of your branding strategy.

Following are some of the important TakeAways of this session:

  • Videos embedded on your site increase time on site: Anti-Panda tactic is the video is quality. In the video sitemap you link to the video and the pages that have the video. It’s best to submit the RSS feed for your channel if you don’t have access to a video sitemap for your page.
  • Preview images in videos affect CTR: Simple, clear pictures that draw attention to the content are valuable. Test what preview image works best – Try out different still frames. In YouTube you can pick from 3 bad still frames.
  • YouTube: Magnetic Bracelet. They do overlays and promoted videos targeting unique keywords to try to sell a product. Overlay ads on YouTube can direct users off YouTube and to your site. You can get creative commons files for audio and video tracks to not break copyright when creating your videos.

The session ended here and moved to Q and A. Stay tuned, we have more exclusive coverage of the final day of SMX New York 2011 coming up.

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